Roger Federer – Top 10 ‘Blink and you missed it’ matches won (HD)


What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?

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  1. Lotte Mertens says

    french concert perform distinct desperate shrug enforcement until ie.

  2. johnny71424 says

    just imagine how it would be if they did not slow down the courts lol i wish they speed em up again will surely make things a lot lot easier for federer with his current form

  3. BROX says

    yesterday,Federer defeated Paire in 53 minutes!

  4. Aryan Tuteja says

    Nadal and Djokovic are very good but Roger is a legend

  5. Sergio Barreda says

    Gaudio shouldn't have won RG 2004… but Coria shows that he is a "pecho-frio" (cold-chest) for that match.

  6. The T-10 says

    These are usually the amount of time Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray needs to finish off a set lol

  7. Ronnie James Osbourne says

    39 minutes to close out a match is just obscene…
    Federer must have some of the quickest match records in history.

    However; I'm sure Nieminen's 28-minute record
    of his destruction of Tomic will never be broken.

  8. andi d says

    what do you think of "federer-top 10 receptions by the crowd?"

  9. stevefrommi says

    Love the vid, but it'd be nice to throw in some three setters and more actual points.

  10. Lee Ludtke says

    Too bad he wasn't the one to beat Bernie Tomic in under 30 min, lol

  11. Ali Ünal says

    It's no coincidence that most of these lightning quick matches came in the last two or three years where Federer has been getting to the net to cut points short to save energy. Brilliantly working. Hope this strategy will bring him a Grand Slam victory.

  12. Ferguson says

    Roger Federer Top 10 fastest serve.

  13. Major Bob says

    Sorry for this question but…. Do tennis player shave their legs? Nice video!

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