Roger Federer – Top 10 Best AO 2017 Points 50fps (HD)

The solely factor that may do these factors justice was to make one in 50fps, so you may actually get pleasure from each genius shot from Rogers racquet this event all through. One or two factors weren’t pretty much as good high quality although, however I hope you’ll get pleasure from the remaining. If these factors does not make you smile, nothing will. Once once more, congratulations Roger .. UNREAL! What would you prefer to be the following Top 10?

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  1. Ethan Roe says

    I'll never get tired of that last rally. Just such a legendary match with such surreal moments. Hopefully another federer nadal final at the US open

  2. Neo Roman0 says

    Disgusting Nadal orangutang style deservedly punished!

  3. Maxime Ravinet says

    4 months later I'm still astonished. How did he pull that off? Man, I love this player…

  4. LazoStudios says

    Hey thanks for your help, I got 1500 views on one vid because I used this vid as a base, many thanks

  5. Phil 123 says

    The main reason he won AO and playing good in Indian Wells is his backhand. Rafa used to dominate him in matches because he exploited his backhand with topspin. We saw in final that he won because his backhand was unreal… I doubt Rafa can defeat Roger on hardcourts , and grass of course ,anymore. On clay, he can…

  6. CST says

    He really trusted his backhand in this tournament and especially against Rafa. His tendencies to slice and to be tentative with his backhand was always and issue against Rafa. He is usually gonna make mistakes with his topspin backhand.. ESPECIALLY AGAINST RAFA! But you gotta live with those mistakes and STAY AGGRESSIVE with the backhand and overall! Slicing will make Rafa push Fed further and further back into his backhand corner. Luckily he didn't make too many mistakes with his backhand in this tournament and especially in this game! 😀

  7. CST says

    Who else already knew which point would be number 1? 😀

    Allez Roger!!

  8. Ken videos0 says

    everyone said rafa was gonna win but I proved them wrong haha

  9. champion1642 says

    How he turns that first point from defense into all out attack is incredible.

  10. Omair Sheikh says

    He's playing like he's 25. Just unbelievable tennis from the genius. He should have hired Ivan a few years ago it seems.

  11. Hype Station says

    Looking at all these points and all the other Roger tribute videos, just look at how much damage Federer's backhand had this tournament, Ljubicic has really fixed that.

  12. mimmo locate says

    L'ultimo punto è qualcosa di allucinante da rivedere all'infinito.

  13. ace1971 james says

    I love the thumbnial photo. Gave me goosebumps when I saw him do that live.

  14. Soumya Chakraborty says

    The courts this time were lighter colored and much faster. Was bored to see never-ending baseline rallies in slower courts over last 5 years. Roger's game is best suited for fast courts

  15. Jimmy Jefferson says

    4-3 in the 5th, deuce #1 may have been the best point of his entire career!

  16. OettingerCroat says

    The very best point must be the first one, how masterfully he put Nadal on his back foot then sealed it on the next shot!

  17. Fernandez218 says

    Last one gave me goosebumps. I thought to myself when I heard about Roger's break from tennis six months ago, 'man, this is the beginning of the end of Federer'; and then Federer gets to the final. And then, he wins it! You can never count him out of any tournament.

  18. SJ N says

    so glad Fed won for his legacy. All the hard work he put in would've been a tough loss to have Nadal already only 2 away from Championships.. Now he's got more leway, 4 ahead… If anybody can get to Feds count though it's Nadal the dude is a beast! Hopefully he can stay healthy for years to come

  19. Zach DeHart says

    The last point is stunning. That was for break point to serve for the match!

  20. twain27 says

    This 2017 AO was so legendary I still can't believe it happened

  21. Chris Breezy says

    When Roger is in this shape he can beat anybody including Novak at his best.

  22. blind boy says

    we all knew that point was gonna be n.1

  23. Farhaan says

    damn, that backhand was in god mode especially against stan & nadal. As the commentator said, that's an oil painting!

  24. Theg 35 says

    the last point is sooooooooooo amazing!!!

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