Roger Federer – Top 10 Beautifully Sliced Lobs (HD)

Another tough shot to perfom is the sliced lob. As a slice is usually sluggish and does not bounce away from the opponent after the bounce, it must be carried out at simply the precise time, catching the opponent off guard, unable to chase it down.


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    We are back and ready again for a new season!!! How many likes for Roger in 2018? 😀
    – I will be uploading as always mostly of Roger, but also from others and from general ATP. Keep bringing suggestions 😀

  2. Trey Masta says

    How could you guys have not put the one against agassi! That is within federer's top 5 shots of all time!

  3. Zhi Min Cai says

    Did you got inspired by the top 1000 video? Because in that video i noticed that federer made some incredible slice lobs more than i expected tbh.

  4. johnny71424 says

    A slice lob which ivo karlovic can't reach even after jumping truly deserves to be called beautiful.

  5. Pablo Olivos Rojas says

    "La Conchesumadre"
    -Paul Capdeville. US Open 2007

    Great video man!, can't wait for the 2018 season 😀

  6. TQuick101 says

    Saw the point at 0:32 live and man oh man, it was something else.

  7. Samy_Jonas says

    What boggles my mind is that Federer has played against almost everyone. Almost 3 generations.

    Haas, Safin, Coria, Ferrero, Moyá, Hewiit, Nalbandian, Roddick, Kiefer, Santoro, Clement, Grosjean, Cañas, Ancic, Philipoussis, etc. All those players are retired and Federer is still at the top after 20 years of turning pro.

  8. twain27 says

    Sooooo… what are the predictions for 2018 grand slams?? Mine are:
    – AO: Dimitrov
    – RG: Nadal
    – Wimbledon: Kyrgios
    – US OPEN: Federer

    I bet this year we will have new GS champions 😉

  9. TheBigSquirrel 50 says

    SUGGESTION: Top 10 old guys making a run in a major (like Connors at the US Open)

  10. Tom Deverson says

    Nice video. You should do a video on Federer top 10 topspin backhand lobs..

  11. oduro8 8 says

    Grande Capdeville!!! Apareciendo en el video de Roger jajaja

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