Roger Federer – Top 10 Banana Shots (HD)

Although not a shot that he’s famously recognized for, Roger can get an amazing quantity of spin on his forehands due to his wrist motion. So, you may not see these sort of photographs from him typically, however if you do, they are often really spectacular. Is there any shot he hasn’t mastered?? What would you wish to be the subsequent Top 10?

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  1. eternal stealth says

    i just here expecting bannana shot he pulled off against raonic at wimbledon 2017

  2. Jeffrey Prokopowicz says

    Federer has every shot and has even invented new ones. There is nothing this genius can’t do on a tennis court. Simply the best ever.

  3. JiraiyaSama86 says

    Most of these look more like regular topspin forehands with a little bend. Rafa's has more bend on them to make it truly be considered a banana.

  4. Shervin Abdolhamidi says

    Excellent compilation but you're missing the round the net Federer hit against Novak in the 2009 US open semifinal. It was mid rally, but it was also an around the net bananna shot

  5. Spoder man says

    Does anyone wanna gimme a tutorial, i cant seem to find any online on how to do this banana shot

  6. J says

    How about a banana shot on the backhand side??

  7. Marek Bartošík says

    Hi. I have an (maybe huge) idea. It could be tough but I want to see Top 10 Federer's father reactions. His passion for the game is the same as Roger's.

  8. kaAal says

    wanted to see this list for so long

  9. panos roger says

    The one against Roddick in 2009 Wimbledon final was soooo good….

  10. Ninja Loop says

    Is it because of the perspective of the camera, or is the trajectory of the ball curved?

  11. Phil 123 says

    God I miss Federer from ATP Tour 🙁

  12. Alex Xaritakis says

    nice collection of points but there should definitely be the one with Nadal ath Shanghai 06 where the commentator says "federer quick as a cat" and the other one with nadal again at basel 2015 where he saves break point agiainst him!

  13. Enes AKYÜZ says

    I do not know whether you prepared for the god of banana shots rafa top 10?

  14. tommybuurt says

    Nadal might be no.1 at those, but Fed aint bloody far off!

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