Roger Federer – Top 10 Amazing Gets (HD)


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  1. Sachin Raut says

    Nice video, the image you have for video, I have been looking for a long time, can you share that somewhere?

  2. bragee says

    2:32 Tommasi & Clerici… no emotion. The best tennis commentators ever.

  3. Lore Jacobs says

    Literally knock analyze resign heavily last consensus fade unusual.

  4. the joker says

    damn that get against seppi is amazing.

  5. mrmole28 says

    Great vid! One of my favourites is Federer chasing down and hitting a drop shot off one of Roddick's shots in Montreal '03

  6. Pratik Das says

    The one against Djokovic in AO 2016 Semi-Finals was an epic one too B-)

  7. Sergio says

    This kind of points destroys the opponent mentally.

  8. demondayzzz says

    Fed del potro uso final – before he choked that one away 🙁

  9. Spot AbeeR says

    1:30 Thank you for posting that shot. As unbelievable as it sounds, in all of the top 10's and highlight vids I've come across recently, which probably represent more than a hundred clips, not one of em included that shot.

  10. Air Guitar says

    No way!!! That's what everyone is thinking..

  11. Siddharth Paratkar says

    When did Tipsarevic make the Top 8? I thought his entire purpose as a tennis player was to make commentators stumble over his name and be the victim of amazing shots.

  12. Matteo Mosimann says

    Actually the number 4 is called out still so after the hawk-eye.

  13. Shaggy Alonso says

    That one vs Seppi in Basel '09 might just be the best running forehand ever executed in men's professional tennis.

  14. Pol Carrasco says

    Where is the one against Djokovic in the Barclays Final? The name of the point is: Federer's Hot Shot Volley In Final Showdown Title Match

  15. SMTHRTennis says

    Somebody please make a video called: "TennisTop10's top 10 tennis top 10 videos"
    This would definetly be in there.

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