Roger Federer – Top 10 ALMOST Amazing Shots (HD)

I used to be impressed to do that some time in the past, after watching Raz Ols exhibiting three of feds virtually wonderful photographs, and now lastly, after lots of time, I’ve compiled 10 occasions Roger virtually hit a stunner!


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  1. NickZoOoR says

    the way Agassi was just standing there on that last shot before the ball landed out.. its like he expected it to land in because he knows Federer is capable of making these types of shots lol

  2. pin xu says

    That Safin thing… my… my…
    God knows what it cost him

  3. Uprising says

    One of your best videos. Great idea man

  4. Tennis Universe says

    That one against Safin hurt. It wouldve been a great Championship Point and he would have went on to destroy Hewitt in the Final. 6-2, 6-0, 7-6. And get in total 6 Aussies and 20 Majors.

  5. Joseph Gsell says

    Raz pls I love your videos but man I think this vid was a bad idea it doesn't really matter how close he was to amazing shots he's already made plenty of those in his career I think this is an irrelevant video

  6. nuthinbutachump says

    Big one that you missed was WTF 2015 RR vs Djokovic, he was inches away from making an on the run behind the back passing shot

    Otherwise great video!

  7. Beechaii2 says

    Wow that last smash against Agassi, probably if he had today's new tech racquets he could have created enough side spin for that to go in.

  8. Alex Fed says

    How about point vs Djokovic on WTF 2010 when Federer tried to hit down the line forehand

  9. Isaac Chang says

    Maybe in another universe these shots are successful and listed in your other top 10 videos hah.

  10. Allan Yang says

    top 10 2nd serve ace? im not sure, but i want to see you find them lol

  11. Rocket 205 says

    Make a top 10 on his best shots that are just on the line

  12. KongthePotato says

    if the shot in the last point went in, Agassi would be triggered 😓

  13. rondelego2 says

    That match point tweener on Safin is #1 in my book. If he made that that would've been the best match point ever

  14. LegendaryBoss 101 says

    The first one, Federer would have created history against Murray. Wow!!!!

  15. Sergio Davalos says

    The one against Ferrero wasn't even close from clearing the net.

  16. elecbass100 says

    Wow this must've been difficult to research and find. Real nice work! I haven't watched the whole thing yet but I appreciate the effort!!

  17. NicoK says

    Every time I see kyrgios face I want to punch him so bad, then I remembered he's like 2mts tall and he would probably kick my ass

  18. Simonio8 says

    What the deuce, even his "almost amazing shots" gets a video!

  19. Peter says

    You can see Agassi at the end completely caught by surprise

  20. Oscar Dent says

    Behind the back pass winner vs djok wtf15 rr should have been here

  21. john baldwin says

    Behind the back vs djoko @ world tour finals 2015 was insane

  22. NoStressCrossfire says

    The spin on the last shot is absolutely insane, it went pretty far out before it came back towards the sideline.

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