ROCK And A Hard Place Trailer (Dwayne Johnson, HBO – 2017)

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ROCK And A Hard Place Trailer
A Movie directed by Jon Alpert, Matthew O’Neill
Cast : Dwayne Johnson
Release Date : Monday March 27 at 10pm on HBO
Genre : Documentary
© 2017 – HBO

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  1. zac fike says

    This was pretty good. Programs like this do teach discipline. I never went through a program like this for disciplinary reasons, but I was in the military. These kids need some discipline some kind of bad. Hearing them say "Sir, yes, sir" made my skin crawl though. "Sir sandwiches" are not a military thing. It should be just "yes, sir."

  2. AA VFX says

    Dwayne Johnson is the ultimate role model. Look up

  3. Malcolm Swoboda says

    Rehab + punishment = well, maybe making you a human robot will work out (it sometimes does..?)

  4. YoungCrs says

    I hope he starts a football team with them kids and name them the mustangs

  5. Entropy Spawn says

    I don't know about this….
    Looks like it has potential, but, what's Dwayne's role there? Is he just a celeb candy to pull viewership or maybe he acts like a role model to the inmates? I really can't tell which way this might end up going.

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