Ridiculous Things RICH People Do In North Korea

Bizarre Things RICH People In North Korea Like To Do

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It looks as if there is a gigantic hole between the typical American and the rich 1%. In North Korea, a rustic recognized for its poverty, lack of meals, and obscenely strict guidelines, that distinction is much more stark. We have informed you about how troublesome life is for the overwhelming majority of individuals in North Korea, however right now we’re going to try how the rich reside in North Korea, and allow you to know what luxurious objects they will afford. Kim Jong-un could declare to hate America, however US forex is a large deal in North Korea. It’s seen as a standing image, and shops catering to the elite settle for it as their sole type of cost. Plastic surgical procedure is technically unlawful in North Korea, however it’s a rule that’s rarely enforced since ladies are anticipated to look as stunning as doable. Most persons are compelled to pay about $3US for in-home procedures completed by folks with out adequate coaching and in unhygienic situations. If you need cosmetic surgery completed proper, it’s going to value you. Besides flashing a fats wad of American money, it’s also possible to alert folks about your superior standing by sporting a luxurious imported watch. It each reveals that you’ve cash and connections to the world outdoors of North Korea. You may really feel like computer systems and cellphones can get fairly costly, however even when you will get by all of the pink tape they will simply value over a 12 months’s wage in North Korea.

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  1. Lui 06 says

    I love The Richest 💘💘💘💘

  2. Linn Htut says

    We have to pay 3000$ just for one mobile sim card.Cars are so rare and so expensive with that amount you can buy 2 apartments for one car.That was in 2000. Now our country become democracy with the sheer force of people's will and with the leadership of our leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi.

  3. CrazyLegs says

    😀"you could be charged with treason, which they don't take seriously to say the least yuck yuck yuck." Wtf?

  4. CrazyLegs says

    Your bubbly voice makes the threat of nuclear war that much more terrifying.

  5. Jody-Ann Allen says

    So in other words…north korea is the biggeest prison in the world!

  6. Smashy2009 says

    Now, i wonder how much of this is actually true, and how much is just propaganda.

  7. PrincessAshley121 says

    Can only use American Currency in luxury stores


  8. Kyle Kovatch says

    Some strangely optimistic music for a prison that is north korea.

  9. Elevatorhead05 says

    I'm sure if somebody want to be happy in NK, they will. I think all you want to do is join to the military, and you'll get $400 per month maybe, otherwise you will receive $5.

  10. MartinGlad75 says

    that rum 5.57 min in not from Denmark – wonder what the rest is real to ?

  11. Chris Daldy-Rowe says

    What did she say….Cell phones are one of those luxury's people tend to take for GRANITE lol

  12. Oliver Loi says

    It kinda strange the background music is Chinese music, what was the creator thinking?

  13. Jamie Boland says

    Why is there an image of Chinese currency in this video? (RMB) 5:43, "If you have enough wealth and status to end up at an event with Kim Jung Un himself" as it pans into the RMB which has Mao Zedong on it…..perhaps they confused Mao with Kim Jung Un? Yikes…Also, the music is Chinese, not Korean……..

  14. Nathan Burner says

    Ya what kind of people would spend thousands of dollars on a dress when others are starving….hahahaha o right right

  15. Elizabeth Shaw says

    Where did you get this information from? Cite your sources please. 🙂

  16. Jolten Joy says

    only the "Richest" In north korea can afford this stuff.

  17. Kat G says

    Yeah these people are rich! Because they're taking all the wealth and leaving the rest of the country to eat grass!!!

  18. Eamzj9 says

    so i'm more richer then most people in north kora ok

  19. Vega Crux says

    70 cents to 2 dollars a month is NK's wages? I bet there are some assholes there who whine about raising that as well.

  20. Milton Ching says

    It's a video about North Korea. Why do they keep flashing the Chinese RMB currency?

  21. NaturallyMeMya says

    I have no desire to visit north Korea even if it was free staying in posh hotels….I DON'T WANT IT!

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