Revisiting the war on terror’s most iconic moments

Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink displays on Veterans Day.

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  1. Robert Hudson says

    They bombed roads, weirs, dams, power plants, schools, hospitals, everything. They never liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein. They flattened Iraq. They never tried to liberate Iraq. They went in and destroyed everything. This was above killing the people of Iraq and enslaving the survivors.

  2. Ben Pantera says

    War on terror my ass. That is obviously war to gain profit.

  3. Da,Taper says

    Saddam is still alive bin Latin is still alive,We didn't go to Iraq for revenge we went there for the Oil, 9/11 Was a excuse to attack the middle east

  4. L B says

    Jesse Watters is fake news

  5. Boondock Saint says

    Look man, I gotta drop a deuce yo! When you gots to blow a load, you know you just gotta throw the chode!

  6. Maximum500 says

    Where's the weapons of mass destruction we were promised!!

  7. RATED says

    Toppling that statue in Iraq was not iconic . I actually watched an interview about an Iraqi that was there when that statue fell and realized after …. that their country was better off with Saddam …. along with the Middle East

  8. Viganch0 says

    The war in Iraq was a war OF terror. Look at the place now. Saddam would never allow ISIS to grow.

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