Representing mothers of fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day

Silver Cross Mother Diana Abel honours all mothers who’ve misplaced a toddler in navy service.

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  1. White Master Mariner says

    A man does his duty and dies for his country while the women exercise their female privilege and stay safely and coddled at home.
    And media makes his death all about the woman…
    How disgusting that his sacrifice is glossed over as unimportant, how disgusting that feminism dictates that his death is to be ignored in favor of focusing on the woman who is never placed in harms way.
    I am fed up with your attitude towards men as mere disposable objects for the use of women. To the modern woman a man is just someone to use for resources. A man is someone who is expected to die for her, and he better die quietly or he is a misogynist, right ?
    You women disgust me, and you feminist cucked males disgust me even more.

  2. rayzer says

    Where are the black female/ trans mothers? Where's the diversity?

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