Quebec’s Bill 62: Niqab-wearing Muslim fears the impact of face-covering ban

Quebec’s Bill 62 has one Niqab-wearing Muslim girl fearing how she will probably be handled now that the face-covering ban is in impact. Zayneb Bin Ruchd says she already complies with identification necessities and argues that the regulation is political.

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  1. stephane paulin says

    I mean up to the hijab its fine i can see your face if i want to i feel like i can talk to you i will. But the niqab and the cloth cage is unacceptable unfit for social interaction and adaptation to the country.

  2. AKS says

    CBC news……ever presenting one point of view….theirs.

  3. Shyla S says

    Why is it that only Muslims have so much air time. Hindus and Buddhists don't seem to get the same kind of attention. Is it because maybe some Muslims demand so much

  4. Butane Joe says

    " Makes me feel like 2nd-class."    Progressing up the social ladder are we?

  5. 76gigglebox says

    Go back to Middle East where you are forced to wear this. What is the point of living in the West of you don't want freedom.

  6. Claudiu CB says

    Yes , they have a problem with "religion" , just one, islam!!

  7. Wayworld01 says

    Please stop terrorizing the nice people who took you in. Halloween is only one day a year.

  8. Lee Turney says

    A Nijab is like an American Express card, you don't leave home without it.

  9. Luke Cage says

    Quebec is the best…. can’t have people walking around looking like bandits

  10. 67697072 says

    Pathetic crap……go back home !!!!

  11. Lisette Bond says

    It's about time someone does something about the face covering, antifa does the same with the bandana, it's like a licence to do bad things and not being recognized…. If you ban it for antifa you ban it for everyone with NO exception…. I see their reaction as spoiled kids who throws a temper tantrum… Since M103 they thought they had us in their grip and would do what they wanted with us… Canadians are nice tolerant people but if you push too far they push back… I remember when western Canada was angry because a quebecer was elected PM… Now we have people who were not born here in government and they want to change our laws, it should be illegal….

  12. Farūq Ibn Ahmåd says

    Disgusting comments, nobody must tell a woman what she has to wear ! It doesn't matter if it's a religious or not, I think it's just Islam that you want to attack, unfortunately you offended 1.6 billion of people in the world. These women are not oppressed but the occidental woman is, I only see that she does not have the same salary as a male employer, she keeps working hard for the capitalist society, don't got to talk about prostitution, you already know everything about it ! Instead of trying to help these "poor oppressed Muslim women" go eradicate prostitution, establish the same salary for men and women, and stop always saying disgusting things, as if 1.6 billion of people would explode themselves in "YOUR" countries (although nationality has nothing to do with religion) you wouldn't be standing know, stop doing amalgames, and stop attacking Islam, and trying to find "reasons" to this, bad news for you, it's a war which is already and completely lost for you, the more you attack Islam the more it grows, in fact only the truth can be so much attacked, about what security do you talk ? There are alternatives, but you don't wanna hear, good… you searched it so you'll find it, you're not better than France, being modest is a crime, I feel like I'm dreaming, this is pitiful.
    Islam is 1400 years old. Terrorism started about 50 years ago, after the West started invading Middle-Eastern countries. If you're looking for the root cause, here it is.

  13. jane says

    She fears, what about the people who look at these women or men in witch garb, are their fears not important! It’s not about a bus ride, but seeing as the newsman thinks it is, then if the woman is allowed to board the bus with her face covered and get off later, after leaving a bomb then it doesn’t matter that CCTV showed the Muslim women planting the bomb, she cannot be identified. Oh, my now l am Islamophobic for daring to suggest it would be Muslims who plant bombs on buses, so l will correct my statement, Christian, Atheists, Buddhist, Jewish women can plant bombs too and wear veils while they do so!! Ban all women and men whatever religion or none from having masks on their faces!

  14. mrsbenn1 says

    Cannot speak for anyone else; but as a Canadian Citizen I am getting tired of assimilating to a culture whose  'extreme beliefs'  not  only do  I disagree with but as a female find offensive   ….   the wearing of the Niqab being one.       Enough said!

  15. Mark TZ says

    Just looking at her gives me anxiety and depression. And guess what, I'm from middle east too. Canada is Western Country, we don't want this type of people in our society Period

  16. anonyme anonyme says

    English Canada is obviously jealous of this law. Religious freaks will surely contest this law with bloodsucker lawyer and the crazy charter. If like I think, they will in court (federal judges don't give a damn about collective obligation), this is another reason, Québec should get out of this country.

    I ask you if my religion was nudity, could I get in court nude, of course not because it is indecent. Well indececy is in the eye of the beholder. I can assure you that a vast majority of Canadians think that the niqab and burka are INDECENT and IMPOLITE.

    It is well known fact that a society that accept religion are proportionnaly poorer than a atheist society.

    They already don't pay municipal taxes and have a zillion tax breaks that leads to a poorer health and education system.

  17. The Stupidity Police says

    She can't even play the victim card now because she refuses to remove her niqab to prove it's her victim card.
    Delicious Irony in the age of denial.
    I support Quebec.

  18. Osiris Malkovich says

    Do you like privacy? Because this will be the precedent used when facial recognition camera become the norm and they pass laws saying no one is allowed to cover their face. Was it worth surrendering your privacy and freedom to stick it to a few Muslim women?

  19. Andrew Says says

    "New law makes me feel 2nd class" but being forced to cover up or else i am seen as impure does not, not being able to speak to other men does not, not being able to leave the house without a man does not. etc etc etc.

    No wonder my channel is way more successful than yours CBC hahah

  20. badmojo420 says

    Not even a minute into the video and the girl is attacking the law by citing a lack of enforcement? ROFL What a clueless snowflake.

  21. fomalhaut says

    The CBC is full of leftist nitwits and the Ontario legislature is full of leftist tards. Well done, Quebec! You're actually working in the public's interest!

  22. pawel115 says

    Totally agree with Quebec you don't like the law well here is my advice put on your sandals and hop on your camel and piss off back to the sand dunes.

  23. Shaima El Mabsouta says

    It’s not against “religious freedom” as it has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.

  24. ewilliamsz2099 says

    I feel sorry for these women. Notice how the men always dress normal. Yet them have the women looking like a darm fool. Religion is the worst thing to happen to man. It's just a form of control.

  25. John Doe says

    That's a suicide bomber talking people. Or a member of a ninja clan.

  26. Island_Kermode says

    Niqabs are a blessing in disguise.

    In America without a niqab, they'd still be a paper-bagger.

  27. Merkz says

    As a Muslim I don't understand the niqab you need to show your face in public.

  28. Pura Vida dew says

    I am ashamed at the number of racists and bigots commenting on this story. Different people from different places live differently and not everybody wants to live like, or look like an American. Once upon a time, in places like Rome and Baghdad and Constantinople, we’re places of diversity were people from all over the known world live together, and learned from their diversity. Today everyone is an isolationist, White people are afraid of coloured people, and coloured people, well they know that white people are insane.

  29. Stuart Spence says

    Finally Quebec has something in common with ISIS! Telling women what to wear. I'm ashamed of my province.

    If you think this is about security and photo identification, you have not read this shittily written bill. Or properly listened to interviews like in this video. The wording allows way more than that. This is classic Quebec xenophobia – and I say this as a secular atheist.

  30. The Independent Canadian says

    I don't think we need this law… I think it's not the governments place to tell people how to dress

    That being said… I think a lot of the noise we hear about Muslims and inclusivity actually stem from this…

    If you walk around with your face completely shrouded, don't be surprised if you don't feel included or like people don't engage with you as easily…

    Under certain circumstances, it should be the private facilities policy how they verify identification ….

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