Quebec Artist Tex Lecor is Deceased

Quebec Artist Tex Lecor is Deceased

The singer, radio host and Quebec painter Tex Lecor died at the age of 84.

The artist died as a result of legionellosis shortly after midnight on Saturday. According to his widow, Louise Dion Lecor, he had fallen ill on 30 August. Lector Ms. Dion and her son eventually had to call an ambulance in the following days to take him to the hospital Pierre-Le Gardeur, where his condition deteriorated.

Tex Lecor has worked in Quebec for more than 60 years. His first works date back to the age of 25 years. He was well known for his insolence on a phone and CKAC’s The Festival of Humor.

Mr. Lecor had many passions, but Ms. Dion Lecor said that her greatest passion was still painting.

He still painted every day. He stopped painting on Monday and got sick on Wednesday. There are still unfinished paintings on his easels.

 Louise Dion Lecor, widow of Tex Lecor

She reports that her spouse was very proud of her career. “For him, it was a little guy from Saint-Michel-de-Wentworth who had succeeded, who had done his fine arts in Montreal,” she recalled.

Louis-Paul Allard, who rubbed shoulders with him on CKAC’s radio and then on TQS television, on the show Y’a plein de soleil, would never have thought of losing his friend so suddenly. The two men had even planned to meet over the next few weeks for a supper.

“I never thought it would be that fast. I was touched and surprised because I did not expect that, “Allard told The Canadian Press.

We will remember him from all points of view. It is a being at 360 degrees. An immense talent. Everyone will remember him, either through canvases, songs or insolences . We’ve had a bit of time before we forget it.

Painter first:

Tex Lecor, whose real name was Paul Lecorre, was born on June 10, 1933, in Saint-Michel de Wentworth, in the Laurentians. He was the eldest of a family of three.

His father Henri-Paul, of Breton origin, was himself an artist, a theater man, and a local politician. Her mother, a Quebec woman of Norman stock, bequeathed her the wonder of nature.

Paul Lecorre studied with the Clerics of Saint-Viateur where he was encouraged to continue his pictorial journey. In 1951, at the age of 18, he began his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montreal.

His nickname “Tex” was given to him during a working summer in western Canada in the mid-1950s. He came from a belt that was labeled “Texas” on the buckle.

Nathalie Beauchamp recounts that her father, Denis Beauchamp, met Tex Lecor more than 45 years ago. Mr. Beauchamp was then working to develop the profession of an agent of the artist in Quebec.

“When he was ready to show his painting, he wanted to be certain that he would not be successful because of his name. Then my father presented the works outside of Quebec, in English Canada, to see the reaction. He is an extraordinary artist. He painted the joy of living. He painted Quebec, people at work. He marked the history of Quebec with his painting, “insisted the gallery owner who presented the last vernissage of Tex Lecor last June in Saint-Lambert.

It is not surprising, however, that M. Lecor remained before his easel until his last days.

Any artist will say that painting is as important as breathing. Even if he had problems, he returned to his easel as soon as he could sit down. Painting, for him, was a real need.

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The singer Tex Lecor in performance. Photo: CBC / Francis J. Menten

Song and animation:

Towards the end of the decade of 1950, after his exit of the Fine Arts, he turned to the song. He quickly became a prominent figure in the songwriters’ movement. His first LP, Le Grand Jos, was released in 1959 under the label Disques London. Then an album, the same year, under the title Complexe de la chanson canayenne.

In 1963, it obtained its first success with the song Le dernier des Vrais.

He then went on television, in 1970, to animate the show of varieties Sous mon toit at Télé-Métropole.

Its most successful song, Le Frigidaire was released in 1972. Written by George Langford, it has been translated into four languages and aired worldwide.

Still, in the early 1970s, Tex found himself on CKAC radio where he co-hosted The Humor Festival, where his comedy skills were used alongside Louis-Paul Allard, Roger Joubert and Pierre The beautiful. He then became famous for his Insolence of a phone.

In the early 1980s, his popularity as a painter became such that he managed to sell almost all of his production.

Louis-Paul Allard, Roger Joubert, and Pierre Labelle were in charge of the program Y’a plein de soleil at TQS in 1998. Shirley Théroux joined the project afterward. The show was broadcast for 13 seasons.

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