Qualcomm wants some iPhones banned in the US, NSA data leaked online

In this week’s wrap-up, the battle between Qualcomm and Apple retains on trucking. Meanwhile, data from an Army intelligence venture is found accessible on a public server.

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  1. Ervin says

    This guy's voice is cancerous to hear

  2. John Pollanen says

    Good job Qualcomm, get rid of those Iphones, a bitten Apple will never be good.

  3. Knight Rider says

    Next week news : Apple finally buys qualcomm and make them shut up 😂

  4. Not Royal Skyline says

    Why do you have fake iPhones in the thumbnail, colors off and they have fcc labels

  5. Josh says

    Americans get thicker and thicker by the day

  6. christopher mukungurutse says

    Lol if bacteria survives in space why would u not think it originated from space lol . Sometimes people are to smart for there own good

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