PUBG 1.0 is out of Early Access, but its CEO is promising a big 2018

“For us, the release of PUBG 1.0 is not the end to anything,” CH Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp, informed me over the cellphone (by means of a translator) earlier this week. “It’s just one of the many milestones that we looked forward to accomplishing. We’ve seen a lot of Early Access games stay in Early Access for a very long amount of time. That’s why we made a promise early on that we would get out of Early Access and make our 1.0 release within this year.”

That day has come, as PUBG is now formally out of Early Access. The new desert map, Miramar, is dwell on servers together with the brand new weapons, automobiles, and vaulting and climbing techniques that a lot of gamers have already been experiencing on the take a look at servers for the previous couple of weeks.

If you are diving into Miramar for the primary time, we have got a information to the brand new desert map right here. And, whereas PUBG has solely simply left Early Access immediately, it is pure to surprise what may be in retailer for it over the upcoming yr.

CH Kim informed me that, aside from persevering with to work on higher optimization and efficiency, one principal focus can be on bettering PUBG as a budding esport, each for gamers and viewers.

“We are in the process of discussing with a lot of different production companies around the world to see [what] we could work together on, but we’ll be putting in the effort to figure out what different tools and functions we can add to make the process itself more attractive and enjoyable,” Kim mentioned.

“When it involves the in-game guidelines we’re doing a lot of experimenting proper at this second, we have been gathering some of the highest [ranked players] in Korea and attempting to check out the pace and the dimensions of the blue zone. We tried eradicating the purple zone for sure video games, and people are some of the experiments which have taken place to date. And in relation to the scoring system, as a result of with battle royale you possibly can’t simply have one match and be over with it, there must be a collection of matches to ensure that us to get a winner, we’re making tweaks and we’re additional fine-tuning what to do with the scoring system as nicely. 

“While the core sport mechanic itself will stay the identical, we really feel that all through this experiment we might have some kind of extra established event for PUBG subsequent yr.

“Or, like, a PUBG league next year,” Kim added.

We are the primary sport that confirmed the world that this is a style that might acquire large recognition


I additionally requested Kim in regards to the sudden rush of battle royale video games and modes which were showing over the previous few months, in addition to his tackle Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s current feedback about needing stricter IP safety within the gaming trade.

“For us, we feel like it’s very natural for the genre itself to expand,” Kim mentioned. “Brendan commented for some companies that were specifically copying some of [PUBG’s] game-specific features. I think he expressed his concerns toward that, but the fact that the last man standing battle royale genre itself is expanding, its something that we feel is very natural. And for us, we feel like [ours is] the first game that showed the world that this is a genre that could gain wide popularity within the gaming industry.”

If you are not one of the 25 million individuals who have already purchased PUBG, the value of $30 on Steam hasn’t modified because it leaves Early Access.

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