Proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensifies

The United States navy says the missile concentrating on the Saudis has Iranian markings; Rich Edson has extra for ‘Special Report.’

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  1. Cod-0 says

    i Love sex and a Good War 🙂

  2. Hulk Hulk says

    Fuck you US fuck you Isreal!!!!the world hates you…

  3. Hulk Hulk says

    Saudis are Zionist and trumps bitch!!!sorry stupid Americans and ISrael your plan is not working!💩💩💩

  4. tino v says

    saudi and israhell , hand by hand … Russia stopped the plans for Syria, I hope they do the same with Lebanon

  5. STPL NEWS says

    no worries….it only mean the prophecies on mystery babylon mecca saudi arabia is about to happen,
    my guess when thats done and Iran has destroyed it ,it will be ww3 officially started and Iran probably will get what is coming afterward.

  6. Ralph A. Wolf says

    A proxy war between $audi Arabia and Iran? So… why is this bad news?

  7. DeepState says

    Don’t stop this, leave the Middle East alone, it will destroy itself without the help from the West.

  8. Jaho Salami says

    Nice editing of the YA video. Where you can clearly see the missile is a Yemeni SCUD modification in the version without the black bars covering half the screen. The YA still has a bunch of old Soviet stock, and apparently a few minds capable of making it work. Jizan and that UAE ship being prime examples.

    I mean, it's cute that you want to present the Yemen fight as Houthi Rebels = ISIS vs the heroic Saudi Coalition… but anyone who spends 5 minutes looking into it will realize it's actually the Yemeni National Army and the Houthis, versus ISIS, AQAP and the Saudi Coalition, with Israeli, US and British pilots and logistics doing most of the heavy lifting.

    Also, was it shot down by a Patriot? How many markings are going to be found after that?
    Or, did it land? …and that's being covered up, because we're all supposed to believe anti-missile tech isn't a 50 / 50 shot at best. Even with a patriot firing all four in its battery against '60s soviet hand me downs.

  9. John Grytbakk says

    What is the US and the West doing in these areas in the first place? So foolish. But, you will learn the hard way.

  10. dAn says

    Four Kings With Five

    One more time! Genesis.

  11. sven svensson says

    Saudi is backed up by US and attacking Iran wouldn’t be an option with out US and mainly the last administration. Saudi with US weapons has bombed Yemen as a warm up. Part of US Israel plans to wipe out Syria, Egypt, Yemen etc. it’s crazy

  12. Elvis is still the King says

    False flag to gang against iran. ISIS lost to iran and russia, kurds "independance" that didn't work either, so now it's cheap false flag against winner. The saudi-israeli side don't accept they lost their ugly baby "ISIS". Btw they're starving Yemen 600,000 child with cholera. Instead of at least reporting on it, they organize false flag against iran! Shameless really shameless…

  13. Four Disastrous Years Coming says

    Im disgusted in our government. The US is flaming this so we can support Saudi Arabia to declare a full blown war on Iran. Dont be fooled people.

  14. Recordbreaker14 says

    Let them nuke each other one day. WE should NOT be involved in this type of cuckoldry. WE have enough problems at home. At any moment Mandingo's can start mass riots, rapes, looting, tnb-ing, chimping out and so on. WE need to prepare for that so who cares about those rapist savages. MAGA, TRUMP Hail victory

  15. Nexxo Exxon says

    Just let them kill each other. America needs to stand back and stop snooping into other countries affairs.

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