Professor to college students: ‘Think’ don’t ‘really feel’

Law professor explains his floor guidelines.

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  1. Paul Daniel says

    If you're getting your hopes up that it's turning to our favor….think again. In the words of the highest rated commenter on the following video, Paul J. Brosnan said, "Harvard Law was requested to take a "rape law" question off of their exam! Harvard Law is perhaps the most prestigious law school in America! The students who graduate from there are the best of the best! If they become triggered when they have to deal with a rape case, what's the point in becoming a lawyer?
    Are 1 in 5 Women Raped at College?

  2. Jake Sullivan says

    This is the kind of professor I’d like to teach my grandchildren.

  3. MrJoeyBoombotz says

    I say 'see' without prejudice or irritation, that is love. Don't feel, think or decide, especially out of someones's pressure or drama. Keep your powder dry.

  4. John Johnson says

    Of course think. Feelings do not matter. Some of these mush headed college kids think communism/socialism is a great thing, until the horrible reality that still there will be no equality. Misery will be distributed equally.

  5. Chris Pyves says

    Edward de Bono said it is striking that after 13 years of education the one skill that they have not been taught is how to think. Yet he proved you can teach this skill to 5 year olds.

  6. dAn says

    The king of Tyre (rock of offence)

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  7. Carly Williams says

    ourselves capability county shell plan hurt attend joy force credit purchase hero.

  8. Jeepers Creepers says

    Me only let the thinking happen in both the left and Right Hemispheres of both my "HUGE" Balls ,me only use my brain for writing YT comments me 🙂

  9. Sue Sally says

    We need more professors like this man !

  10. Lonnie Dobbins III says

    Some seem to miss the message he gave.
    Learn the truth, present your argument with truth.

  11. Elvin Ostrup says

    National pride is nothing BUT feelings.
    You can't be a patriot and a pragmatist simultaneously.

  12. KUZIN V KNEE ! ! says

    Very difficult for them to think, when the Gov't School system has brain washed them for 12yrs to FEEL and NEVER THINK!!!

  13. B M**se says


  14. B M**se says


  15. KUZIN V KNEE ! ! says

    Very difficult for them to think, when the Gov't system has brain washed them for 12yrs to FEEL and NEVER THINK!!!

  16. rtbrain rules says

    Wow! I'd love to take this Professors class. Very impressive and logical.

  17. Arlinda Barry says

    "If you start a sentence with I FEEL…cluck like a chicken"Bawahaha

  18. Polydynamix says

    Good advice for Fox viewers too… but without acting on emotions they would be forced to act on understanding and that's just not something they are prepared for.

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