Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle in May

Reaction on ‘The Greg Gutfeld Show’ to the royal announcement.

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  1. Apples Ferguson says

    She don't look so pretty– without pounds of makeup on & her straightening her Afro hair & acting White she wouldn't have a chance!!

  2. Dave Byrne says

    You mean the British tax payer, is paying for this crap, whether they want to or not, fucking parasites.

  3. Apples Ferguson says

    Markle doesn't look black or act black & was raised White. She strategically went after Harry- who is rebelling against Royalty!

  4. Lisa B says


  5. vrnc M says

    What a lovely couple they make!

  6. aboutthetruthmedia organization says

    The sad thing is the comments suggesting "racial conquest" or a so-called "victory" because Prince Harry has married someone mixed race which they only see as being Black (for conquest purposes!) We have to remind ourselves (surely) the level of hate against our race. EVEN THOUGH Meghan identifies as mixed race, people only like her Black ancestry! Talk about racist!

  7. Leonard Wong says

    What's her educational qualification? She don't seem that pretty… it apolitically motivated marriage…..fishy…

  8. darkjedi351 says

    All those other eligible bachelorettes out there and the prince picks somebody’s sloppy seconds. Wow

  9. ronald house says

    The b** ugly anyways I have had better pussy before

  10. sih1688 says

    When was the last time a US married woman screwed up the UK Royalty?

  11. dolphintattoogirl says

    Meghan Markle is a gross, anorexic, low-IQ skank with a growth on her upper lip. Prince Harry is severely shaming his country and choosing VERY BADLY. There's plenty of women out there that are better.

  12. Jeepers Creepers says

    What'z gonna happen to all the little boys of Prince Harry if he marries Meghan Markle ?

  13. I Cunt Spell says

    Old, divorced, catholic and (half) black. It has red flags all over the place, yet prince Harry does not care. He's very stupid, but then again, he's buddies with bathhouse barry and big mike, so go figure.

  14. mspixiedust100 says

    I'm more interested in this story than in the idiot co-hosts

  15. Cathy Cutler says

    I’m surprised that thee monarch is freeing up some criteria for marriage into three Monarch family.
    . I remember when princess Diana had to be check by a monarch doctor to make sure she was a virgin before she could marry prince Edwars . Kate Middleton was never checked because, I’m sure they knew she was not a virgin and as for Meghan Markle she is not only an American, but also a half bread being half black and hand white. So, make ideas and morals change.
    l say bravo to her for expanding with the times.
    I hope she is In joying her new exciting training.

  16. mspixiedust100 says

    Maybe that big guy shouldn't be on the show if he's that absent about an opinion

  17. CptCanada says

    Look at the comment section Fox News, this is your audience.

  18. Ash Ravenwood says

    So? My neighbors just got married, don't see them splashed on the evening news?

  19. Sennie White says

    She looks more Native American than African-American or biracial… The look in her eyes is very similar to Princess Diana's , "Please love me ,world".

  20. Cali Girl says

    She is a American half-black divorcee whose relatives have been in and out of jail…but it's not like he's ever gonna be king anyway. Guess the royals have lowered their standards for Harry…

  21. Alpha1 Omega2 says

    The world doesn't care about this "Royal" phony family. Go back to your soap opera.

  22. ispin4u2 says

    No one cares about celebrity and royal scum. They do nothing but cheat, drink, spew liberal ignorance, and leach off the taxpayers. Totally not newsworthy.

  23. Libtard Slayer says

    Couldn't fucking care less. Celebrity culture and 'Royalty' is for weak-minded sheeple.

  24. tkymike says

    i smell divorce and royal alimony in the making. 😀

  25. Patrick Hostis says

    Lucky for me…I don't give a Damn! Report something useful!

  26. Christopher says

    Just what all the poor little starving children worldwide need, even more illuminati "celebrity".

  27. Savoir Faire says

    Many white people are butthurt that she’s part black. For that reason, I enjoy their bigoted charade of pretending not to care. So obvious.

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