Prince Harry announces engagement to actress Meghan Markle

Royal marriage ceremony anticipated within the spring; Benjamin Hall experiences.

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  1. Senju Tobirama says

    End of the world is near judgement day is comming God is comming and the darkness will never seen again

  2. Ayana Fletcher says

    So these white terrorist are mad because the wife is half black 🤔 well at least he didn't marry another inbred caucazoid from the caucus mountains…we have enough of those running around.

  3. Ranger13 says

    Her mom can go to the big place and teach the queen how to weave baskets, how to clean and cook pig intestines, and use her butt to dance.

  4. SilentlyLoud 107 says

    Why are there so many mad people?….Because she's biracial?….If ppl are upset about that, they really need to climb out of the deep lifeless cave they're living in.

  5. B R says

    That's why he'll never be king. Taking brown trash and trying to convert it into royalty? Thank god for William

  6. Donald Grant says

    NNNOOOOOOO! Harry. She's an American woman and they are bat crap crazy! It's something in the water! Run for your life! Ok England don't say I didn't tell you. She's going to gut him like a fish.

  7. I AM NOT A WASP says

    The country is a total shithole and we cant afford hospitals but fuck it lets spend millions on a fucking wedding. Fuck off.

  8. Gr8 Incarnate says

    If you think this couple is bad just remember trump and melania. HA! not so bad now is it?

  9. Neddskorg says

    Nice we will finally have some royal children with afro's lol.

  10. somaric1 says

    We have homeless children in UK and we have to pay for unelected tax avoiding millionaires to get married and they say they are christians.

  11. Will says

    Wait why is everybody mad

  12. Michael Roberts says

    for the so many people with hateful comments why the hell did you click on it anyway? its not like everyone gives a crap about you opinions. I would bet the royal couple wouldn't even acknowledge your existence.

  13. JackofSpades says

    Seriously though it's just more forced racial mixing Jewish propaganda they want us goyim to aspire and want to take part in.
    Racial mixing is good for us non Jews, but illegal and forbidden for Jews.
    Strangely true.

  14. Tim Brook says

    Harry …congratulations ya nazi bastard.

  15. IonlyRob White420Dealers says

    Fun Facts:White People have 12% Neanderthal DNA aka Chimpanzee BLOOD 😰 and 25% of White Kids are born with tails. Explains thier animalistic anger and sexual deviant behavior. 100% True. Link Below

  16. Aaron Gasson says

    Don't give a shit? Don't watch it then u numpty bullocks.

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