Prime Minister Trudeau speaks at town hall event in Nova Scotia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked off his 2018 town hall tour in Nova Scotia speaking about legalized marijuana and well being protection.

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  1. stephen barnes says

    I have heard the same dam speech over and over and over. The more he speaks the less we listen. He is there to listen to the people and look for ideas, so he says. Why dosnt he shut his pie hole and let the people ask the important questions. The house of cards are loaded in his favor at all times.

  2. Kerry Burns says

    I'm Australian and our politicians spout rubbish all the time but this guy beats them all. How can you Canadians continue to swallow his crap? Was this a selected audience with selected questions? This guy is taking you for fools and maybe you are. Sickening.

  3. Jwad says

    Had to be staged. No one would listen to this cuck.

  4. livinthedream says

    Idiot and his idiot followers. hard to stomach his voice.

  5. Mike McGlock says

    I can't believe this drama substitute teacher is qualified to be Prime Minister. This guy increased our living expenses at a rapid pace.

  6. Right Left says

    I worked with a guy that eerily looked like Trudeau, same body shape, same hair and same body mannerism .  I hate to say it but he was just as shallow as  Justin seems to be . When you have worked with as many guys as I have in different types of jobs you get to know when a guy is trying to put one over on you. With all due respect I just think this is one big ego trip for Justin.

  7. True Tech says

    Trudeau is a caring person. So glad he's emotionally of sound mind and dedicated to repairing the damages of the past, while venturing logically into the future. He gets it.

  8. Josh Stevens says

    CTV is FAKE NEWS. They stopped the video just before two people asked him about Omar Khadr and his ethics investigation.

  9. rayzer says

    Both the Conservative party and Liberal Party are both insufferable. If we can get a party that would undo all of Trudeau's party decision and then just do the bare minimum to maintain infrastructure and social benefits as well as enforce the laws that would be great. We can even invite Ex ISIS fight just as Trudeau wanted… and charge them as war criminals and charge them with treason.

  10. Bee Rad says

    What a Fluff, flapping jaw without meaning.

  11. You are Here. says

    GREAT PM Trudeau is way smarter than Snowflake commentators. GET OUT of your basement and try harder.

  12. Hail Trump says

    Atlantic Canadians are as dumb as bricks want proof look at the economy an lack of schools, puppet Trudeau somehow got hold of their minds. SAD

  13. Asiablue says

    A good man and good PM. Not perfect, but who is? Not Harper, certainly, nor Scheer.

  14. Great White North says

    Hand picked Liberal audience and Trudeau spouting his tired cliche's, what a waste of time.

  15. FreedomFighter 2017 says


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