President Trump meets with Southeast Asian leaders

John Roberts stories from Manila, Philippines

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  1. Benjamin Ortiz says

    Haha “short n fat”…….he’s right tho to put it mildly

  2. Burton Matterhorn says

    Yea trump was really tough with China haha not! And in a spitting match with a truly fitting dictatorial match Kim Jong Un… What a joke!

  3. Rick Anderson says

    Duterte said 'son of a whore' but not that Obama was one but as an expression of anger…the way we say 'son of a bitch' sometimes when we're mad about whatever. Media of course likes to spin it otherwise.

  4. Terry VanderSchaaf says

    you news casters are such IDIOTS. you can't begin to understand diplomacy. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES…

  5. Jay Lee says

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  6. Dexter White says

    If I ever met Trump I would tell him not to touch me.

  7. Jerardo Vazquez says

    Trump. Is. Bringing. The. Mc Ribb. To Philippines. 😍😍😍

  8. jacqueline russell says

    THE FIILIPINO Pres CALLED "WEED HEAD" Barack Osama bin Laden Oscuma what he deserved to be called d He needs to mind his own business Maybe this filipino President doesnt want what's happening our country to happen in his country where half of the population is either on drugs or selling drugs

  9. Jeremy Parsons says

    I met DU30 in person in Dumaguete just before the election at freedom park.

  10. good goat says

    Brennan is a traitorous, lying peace of sheet! Investigate perjurers Brennan, Clapper, and Comey

  11. tampajohn says

    I can’t remember a better WH corespondent than Roberts. He always seems to have his shit together

  12. Thomas Paine says

    Thank god in heaven we have a capitalist president , I am a proud capitalist pig !


    The Democrats solution to illegal drugs is to legalize them because they know that these people can't hold jobs and will rely on the government for further welfare assistance (securing the vote)


    Human rights abuse my ass!
    Lefties want to hug drug dealers while they destroy this Christian nation while President Duterte wants to protect his people.

  15. qarohc says

    Our great natural disgrace calling a dictator fat and short what a fucking moron and what an embarrassment. Even children have more respect for themselves and the people they represent than this.

  16. alexander woodsum says

    Duterte, who has killed thousands of people in his war on drugs and who Trump praised. Great, a meeting of two horrible leaders.

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