Possible safety crisis in military aviation raises concerns

The variety of U.S. troops killed in aircraft crashes has spiked at an alarming price; Jennifer Griffin stories for ‘Special Report.’

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  1. Boned You says

    WW3 hasn't even started & we're already having troops dying.
    Oh man we are FUCKED. Hope no cargos ship are roaming around during the war

  2. scott moore says

    That’s what happens when you rob peter to pay Paul.

  3. cbdawgpound says

    why don't they bring back the F22 raptor? it's only the best jet fighter and interceptor on the entire planet!

  4. Patrick Phelan says

    Aviation is a constant balance of risk management and error correction, where a single bad decision can have instant and sometimes fatal consequences. 35 years of flying has taught me that catastrophic mechanical failure is very, very rarely the sole cause of a fatal crash.

  5. XBDOT7 says

    What we are witnessing here is the remnants of the past administrations lax environment, with regard to military spending.

  6. Patrick Denham says

    Obama has let the Air Force down over the past 8 years and he and Democrats should be held accountable

  7. Russell smejkal says

    Because of fucking obama cutting spending for are military witch left no money for proper parts this shit was reported years ago and he didn’t do a fucking thing about it he was a scumbag and chief Fucking prick obama was the worst president in history

  8. ingle50 says

    Definite gutless cuck problem for Gutless CuckTrump and his loopy cucksuckers

  9. seeker says

    There is a marked decrease in the intelligence of Americans I'm afraid. It all stems from the common core education system put in place by the Jews. Your American population is equipped for little more then cannon fodder.
    Uneducated, indoctrinated and completely blood thirsty

  10. Jeremy Parsons says

    the news will never mention obama cut funding and knows he put the nails in out coffins but the news media will not tell you facts, because you cant handle the truth

  11. Gen.Natalia Poklonskaya says

    I just don't believe so many random accidents can happen in such a short period of time in the most powerful military while spending Billions on security.

  12. Sennie White says

    and the whole world is watching the media discredit our military and its Effectiveness… All for the sake of a few minutes of ineffectual clips.

  13. Ralph A. Wolf says

    The Russians and Chinese are very enthused about the Pentagon's efforts to recruit feminist-sexist lesbians and transgender gay-cock guys into the American military.

    The Russians and Chinese also applaud America's F-35 'junker jet'… and they encourage the Americans to build more dinosaur aircraft carriers.

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