Police admit warning about pot-laced gummies took ‘too lengthy’

Police say a pot gummy dropped in a Halloween bag in James Bay now seems to have been a misunderstanding and an remoted incident.

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  1. Peterson Disciple says

    It is the job of the parent to check ALL treats in their kids bags. They should catch it, warning or not!

  2. Rob Ford says

    Remember when they used to put lots of things in like Razor blades,Teach Parents?,Very good idea,,What did u Snoflakes want,A Swat team Escort,Grow-Up,,Look What's going on in America,,Is that what u Snoflakes want…Big Gov…

  3. James Fan says

    haha i want a jelly bomb best edibles from the dispensary

  4. habboier says

    I need to go to James Bay on Halloween…

  5. True Tech says

    It's not like the poor sighted person ate all the regular candy packets, and in a panic gave out the pot-laced gummies to ward off potential property damages for not having enough treats to offer to the candy mafia.

  6. Solder Joe says

    How long till the MSM starts their hour news broadcast every night pissing themselves and screaming 'Be afraid it's deadly to be alive.' for the first half hour? Every video for two weeks has either been a deadly car crash or a video telling you to be afraid everything is going to kill you and be a victim. Or manufacturing consent. Not a single positive story of Halloween night just fear mongering. No lighting displays or acts of random kindness that happen all over. No people having fun at a neighborhood party. Two weeks full of fear mongering from gender studies graduates screaming RRRREEEEE the purge has started. With the fortune tellers that scam old people out of pension checks, they indorse CTV is more like Alex Jones every day.

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