Playing Fallout 4 with a non-lethal knockout mod, Part 5

I am making an attempt a non-lethal playthrough of Fallout 4 with the Knockout Framework mod, which lets me punch NPCs unconscious and carry them round in a sack on my again. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part three | Part 4

Using mods can get messy, particularly when a mod modifications a main side of a sport system, just like the knockout mod does. There can come a level the place the sport merely does not understand how to reply to the alterations the mod is making. Quite a lot of quests in Fallout 4 can solely be marked as full in case you kill sure NPCs or monsters, and contemplating that I am attempting to keep away from doing that, it is no easy matter to progress.

Last time, I tackled Preston Garvey’s Museum of Freedom quest, which resulted in me leaving Concord with an unconscious deathclaw stuffed in my backpack. Since Garvey will solely be happy if the deathclaw is lifeless, the hunt stays incomplete.

I wish to maintain my pet deathclaw, although: it might turn out to be useful. I determine that if I simply take away it from Concord for a time period, Preston would possibly determine I’ve killed it and let me progress by way of the story. So, I head to Red Rocket Truck Stop, the place I would beforehand constructed a jail for some mole rats, and I drop the deathclaw inside. Sort of. It form of flops half-in and half-out.

I am undecided what’ll occur if I go away it dangling like this, so I wake it up with a stimpack. Thankfully, after regaining consciousness on the sting of the pen, it form of hops inside. My pet! My beautiful pet!

Naturally, it is not actually my pet, it utterly hates me. It begins roaring and stomping round and swiping at me with its tail and claws, so I shortly shut the door (as if it might match by way of that doorway, and even when it might, like a closed picket door would cease it) and spend a while attempting to admire it from the staircase. It manages to hit me, solely as soon as, which breaks my leg and sends me limping away with solely a shred of well being remaining.

I inform ya, enjoying non-lethally is dangerous in your well being.

After crafting a water pump again in Sanctuary to heal myself (the sport will not let me utilizing the crafting bench at Red Rocket since there’s a livid deathclaw a few ft away), I head to Concord, and certain sufficient, the hunt nonetheless is not full. Preston desires that D-claw lifeless and there appears to be no fooling him.

The solely different quest I presently have accessible is one from Tenpines Bluff, the place a couple of farmers need me to handle the raiders on the Corvega Assembly Plant. Since I’ve had no hassle knocking out raiders with my cane and my non-lethal shotgun, I determine I can deal with that.

I am unable to deal with that.

This is not some little band of shaggy, smelly raiders like those I’ve encountered to date: there are over a dozen of them exterior, together with on the roof, and virtually twice as many inside. While I do fairly properly clonking them unconscious across the perimeter, I am being continually sniped from those on the roof of the plant, who’re too far-off for me to hit with my non-lethal shotgun. Inside, I am instantly and repeatedly scorched by molotovs and grenades. I am not going to have the ability to handle this alone.

Well, I do have my very own deathclaw. After a number of deaths and reloads, I return to Red Rocket, zip my deathclaw up in my backpack, and return. With my pocket monster, I determine, I can deal with the manufacturing facility.

I am unable to deal with the manufacturing facility.

Really, there are three issues. The deathclaw, when woke up, solely has one stimpack’s value of well being, and although it is nonetheless fearsome it is not precisely an irresistible pressure in its weakened state. The meeting plant, in the meantime, consists of a lot of stairways and catwalks and slim areas, not supreme for a monster the dimensions of a automotive. And lastly, I am a weakling in struggle with a dozen enemies armed with weapons and lobbing grenades. Even if my deathclaw can survive lengthy sufficient to take out the raiders, I am unable to. And if the raiders kill the deathclaw, thus finishing my Concord mission for me, I am unable to survive lengthy sufficient to get pleasure from it. I die repeatedly.

Finally, I hand over. After some deliberation, I determine to easily take the deathclaw again to Concord, drop it in entrance of the Minutemen, and allow them to end it off.

They do not end it off.

It’s positively satisfying watching the deathclaw rampage across the workplace, however it’s an excessive amount of for the Minutemen and Mama Murphy, shortly knocking all of them out (the mod permits NPCs to bash one another unconscious as properly). Now the deathclaw I do not wish to kill however want to kill refuses to be killed. You suck, Minutemen.

I handle to slide out onto the balcony to see if Preston could be persuaded to return inside and end the job, however I uncover Garvey is, properly, a bit damaged:

He’s alive and acutely aware, however mendacity face-down on the balcony. Preston wriggles round, he speaks, he sometimes teleports a bit, however he will not stand up. The man with a fetish for settlements seems to have completely settled right here.

After hitting him, capturing him, and in any other case attempting and failing to get him to face up, I determine to enlist the assistance of the unconscious raiders on the street under. Maybe if I haul them into the workplace, they’re going to kill the deathclaw and I can lastly full this mission.


When I return with the primary raider, I discover the deathclaw lastly, mercifully lifeless. A number of of the Minutemen are awake and appearing as if every part is regular, like there is not a big lifeless monster on the bottom and their boss is not exterior dry-humping the balcony. What’s worse, once I dump the raiders (who now additionally must die to finish the mission), their our bodies vanish. I drag in all of them, one after the other, they usually all disappear. You can see above that the hovering crimson squares on my HUD point out their positions within the workplace, however they cannot be seen, revived, killed, or hauled again exterior.

And so, with Preston doing the everlasting worm exterior and a pile of unconscious invisible raiders nobody can kill, I believe it might be time to place a pin in my non-lethal knockout adventures in Fallout 4. I did not get far, however at the very least my private physique rely is zero. A number of raiders died as a consequence of my actions and I blew up a few turrets, however the one factor I wound up killing was the sport itself.

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