Pixel 2 XL screen woes, Snap bet wrong on Spectacles (Tech Today)

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Today’s main tech tales embrace Google’s Pixel 2 XL screen points, Snap’s dangerous bet on its wearable Spectacles and Pay With Google’s launch.

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  1. Ryan Dee says

    Nothing will ever flop worse than the fire phone

  2. FastLikeUNO says

    Snapchat specticales are JUST A FAD! How stupid can they be??? >:( And I am talking about the CEO.

  3. Jarkko Väänänen says

    Lol, and they are surprised that Spectacles are a total flop? Could have told you that shit before they were even released.

  4. Catman says

    I think the issues (alledged) are part of a propaganda campaign designed to hurt Google's reputation. I purchased the Pixel 2 XL 128 gb version last Friday, and I have not seen or experienced any of those so called issues with my Pixel 2 XL.

  5. Casey C. says

    Android Pay??? Google Wallet??? Now Pay with Google??? How many times does Google need my credit card information?

  6. Amad Clapham says

    Pay with Google? didn't android devices already have Android pay or Samsung pay?

  7. pokeman260 says

    I was interested in buying Spectacles, but I don’t know where to buy them. They’re not in stores, and they aren’t even on the Snapchat App. I think the company went about this all wrong

  8. insrtclevrnamehere says

    those glasses are ugly, partner with Oakley and people will actually wear them

  9. Nemesis says

    Wouldn't mind the price on those spectacles to crash a little

  10. Just Watch says

    Snapchat is for kids. Facebook is for everyone, from kids to world leaders.

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