Parents of child killed by MS-13 speak out

Mother and father of Kayla Cuevas react on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to the president’s State of the Union tackle.

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  1. Julie King says

    These parents are showing a lot more kindness & grace toward those hateful Dems than I would have.

  2. Joel Chia says

    The behaviour of the democrats during the SOTU was disgraceful. Esp those poverty pimps from the black caucas

  3. Matt Schimmel says

    What kind of dirtbags beat LITTLE GIRLS with a baseball bat!!????? Wtf?! These pieces of trash need to be tortured and thrown behind bars! How dare the democrats not put their silly ass games and beef with trump aside to show atleast SOME sympathy to these families! How dare they seriously! That's so wrong! Who do these people think they are? Pretending no one knows about ms13? A vicious gang that has been talked about in the news for YEARS! Obama let a bunch come into the country after border patrol caught them he had them released like the traitorous scum he is and all the democrats are

  4. Denise Smith says

    I have 2 daughters. The pain of just IMAGINING them being beaten to death with baseball bats…..the terror they felt…. is unbearable :'(

  5. Logical says

    Where is black lives matter? Why aren’t they protesting for these girls? Which black lives matter?

  6. jowest17 says

    Democrats are are heartless….. Wow…. I'll never vote Democrat, I can't believe anyone can be a Democrat and have a conscience…..

  7. Randy Olive says

    Many prayers and blessings to ALL your family! Gods hands are holding your daughter right now!🙏

  8. yann zahn says

    Left always think illegal immigration is a issue from "white supremacist". Now the truth comes – minority community is more likely to be targeted by those unlawful aliens.

  9. Andrew Cannady says

    God bless this family, what a horrible and senseless act. 15 year old girl? Just horrible.

  10. Tom K says

    Democrats don't care about this family. Their agenda is to bring in the illegals and get more votes

  11. Mitchell C. says

    Truly hard to watch! So sad for these beautiful people!

  12. food says

    Trump's amnesty proposal is as liberal as a nyc proposal… It needs to get way way more conservative to even be balanced. Americans voted 2016 for a bill at minimum like the goodlatte bill.

  13. Chris Brown says

    From the UK so not up to date on current events but thank god you guys voted Trump! Just wish he was running my country! He will get the job done! He will protect his citizens and protect you. We do not get that here!

  14. Hinerflyer says

    My prayers and heart go out to both the daughter's family's. May they both Rest In Peace and God Bless them.

  15. Brandon McCaskill says

    Wow! What a courageous couple. Instead of condemning the democrats that sat on their hands she turns the other cheek by thanking those who stood. It would have been so easy to be angry towards them.
    Such admirable strength. I’m praying for these two gems tonight.

  16. Dasha says

    Why was is it necessary to ask them how their daughter was killed? This was wrong to do. They are in a lot of pain and omitted providing the details but Laura had to get it out. So she said it herself for the purposes of her show. That was really mean to do to these parents. I am very disappointed in Laura. It was very wrong to do this.

  17. Eric Reyes says

    Ms 13 is one of the smallest problem we need to fix that click is almost extinct. Yeah there in long island but that a good damn small island ..there mostly in El salvador

  18. People Evil says

    Watch black democrats call them sell outs and coons

  19. Del Price says

    Two great Americans–border security now!

  20. Justin G says

    Very sorry for your loss😢 Shame on the Democrats!

  21. Bk Bk says

    This is our country. We can lock the door and take care of business before they escape.

  22. Eric Reyes says

    How about the WHITE guy from Las Vegas shooting, or the WHITE shooter in Sandy Hook, or the WHITE couple that kept there 13 kids hostage or the WHITE guy from the church shooting …OOOOHHHH yeah it's WHITE crime so it's fiiiine!

  23. Gary McAleer says

    It takes great courage to speak and not get choked up with emotions. There is great courage that this wonderful and dignified husband and wife have. Just know that their virtue will one day be rewarded when their little girl is presented to them in glory when Christ returns. They will never be separated again. The Bible is clear for those "who follow on to know the LORD."

  24. Brenda Moreau says

    I see the pain ya'll are in, I have a 14 year old daughter, God's will be done but I pray for him to give you comfort, at the same time praying I never have to carry your burden of the fate of your daughter. I don't want to even imagine as a parent, what y'all are going threw, I'm so sorry for your deep tragic loss.

  25. moneymaker,blackmysterio bootymen says

    there are some bad hispanic guys out there not all hispanic guys are bad but there are some that just think about doing bad things all the time

  26. BO Orchid says

    That beautiful girls ,kayla and Nissa, deserved more respect and compassion… so did the family. This was so horrible and my prayers still go out to her friends and especially her family! God bless all of you.

  27. chris fromm says

    Collateral Damage for Open Borders, including the Koch Brothers (but they might never call it that). I remember the anarchy under the Obama administration.

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