‘One dumpster fire after one other’: WH chaos after Wolff book

How has the Michael Wolff’s ‘Fire and Fury’ book affected the White House? Political columnist John Micek says that President Trump is unable to let ‘the smallest slight’ go by resulting in persevering with feuds with Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff.

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  1. Rick Lorens says

    another episode of Crap TV attacked by Trump derangement syndrome

  2. You are Here. says

    The world laughs at Trump. His supporters are very gullible people, who lack any ability to know they are being screwed over.

  3. Mark Green says

    Even though Trump is a narcissistic idiot who is causing great damage to the reputation of the U.S. and posing a serious risk to world stability, you've got to feel a bit sorry for him personally knowing that every day, as he walks to his Oval Office past all the White House employees, that he now knows that every single one of them thinks that he is a complete moron.

  4. Katt Hewitt says

    Trump has nothing to fear from a book full of lies! Hopefully a vaccine for this liberalism disorder will be available soon so we can slow the spread and give mental health workers a much need break!

  5. Dart Echo says

    Wolff trashed Trump in a 2016 Hollywood Reporter article, but Molester in Chief only looked at the mag's cover art of him and CONGRATULATED Wolff, who parlayed that into 18 months of access. Proof of illiteracy, or stupidity, or both? Poetic justice, IMHO;)

  6. daryl H says

    having watched several interviews with Wolff i find him very credible …

  7. Not Sure says

    Hardly, this is another leftwat created nothing burger. Real news right now is that Hilloser clinton is now under investigation for pay for play, but none of the leftwat controlled fake news outlets are reporting on it, I WONDER WHY?

  8. The Internet says

    Tax Cuts, Justice Gorsuch, 100's of regulations gone, Obamacare mandate gone, more fracking, more drilling, more pipelines, HUGE stock market gains, 100's of lifetime Federal Judges appointed, slashing the EPA, boosting the military, putting international thugs in check, piles of dead ISIS scum……………….the Dems would all have heart attacks if this dumpster fire burned any stronger

    Best President and best dumpster fire results……….EVER!

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