On the set of SUICIDE SQUAD # 4 (Margot Robbie, Will Smith – 2016)

Starring Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Will Smith, Cara Delevingne and Ben Affleck…
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A secret authorities company recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute harmful black ops missions in change for clemency.

SUICIDE SQUAD Behind the scenes
Directed by David Ayer
Starring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne
Release Date : In Theaters August fifth, 2016
Genre : Action, Super Heroes

© 2016 – Warner Bros

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  1. Tay Lin-Marie says

    Great movie, I've seen it six times already, I watch it on my laptop all the time. DC is my liiiiife. These videos make me happy, I love seeing how well everyone gets along and how much fun they have.

  2. Kawii AJ says

    Katana and Harley! They were my fave!!! 😀

  3. gem bee says

    At the elevator scene it seems Katana had trouble getting out her katana o3o

  4. Lii MSP says

    I would be funny if someone would make interview with Joker 😀

  5. andrew marquez says

    The ending of the movie kinda sucked they have to make a second movie to continue and if they dont that is bs

  6. Teal Petite says

    Some sound would be nice..maybe some commentary. Because it's just really cringe worthy without it…🙃

  7. Anabel Lopez says

    I have already bought my "daddy's little monster" shirt !! I'm so overly excited for this movie. It's going to be fucking amazing.

  8. Alex Parker says

    Ok I'm just gonna say it, Margot looks adorable as heck

  9. Joey Hendriks says

    Dont give a fuck what anyone says Harley was holding "The Last Word" in that one part

  10. Randy Jones says

    I wanted to be an actor…. Well not wanted… Want and I had NO idea is was like this!?!? Like this is like next level to me. Everything is so professional and good. It's like once he sets cut they snap back to themselves in a instant like OKAYYYYY UHHHHH WOWWWWW!!! Geez…. Outstanding!!!!! Whew!!!!

  11. ngoc anh Le says

    anyone see that El Diablo look just like Deadpool in xmen origins?

  12. kasF says

    All this B-Roll footage pretty much confirms everyone's suspicions that Slipknot dies early on.

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