On the set of IP Man 3 (Donnie Yen – Mike Tyson)

Donnie Yen takes on Mike Tyson ! Watch IP Man 3 TRAILER ►
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IP MAN 3 Making Of “Behind the Scenes”
A Movie directed by Wilson Yip
Cast : Donnie Yen, Mike Tyson, Patrick Tam, Aurélien Lequet, Jin Zhang
Release Date : January 22, 2016
Genre : Action, Biography, Drama

IP MAN 3 Trailer
© 2015 – Well Go USA Entertainment

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  1. JMurphy says

    Mike Tyson did very well. I would love to see him play Balrog in future Street Fighter movies.

  2. holypredator says

    To me, during the donnie vs mike scene, I would say if it is a real street fight, Donnie would win. But if it was a regulated MMA or boxing match, donnie would have gotten his ass kicked. The final scene where Donnie had the upper hand on kicking Mike's balls, he would have ended the match there. However, in any regulated match, kicking someone in the groin is a serious offence and lacks sportsmanship, therefore, if donnie did not kick his balls and there was no time limit, an upper cut to the jaw from mike would instantly KO-ed donnie.

  3. Thane says

    I think it would have been better if he chose Scott Adkins as his opponent instead of Tyson. Much much respect to Tyson, he can be a real killer in real life, but for an action movie and stylish moves, Scott Adkins is THE SHIT! I've been dreaming for a fight between Ip Man and Yuri Boyka ever since the first Ip Man.

  4. PhantomMatrix says

    I wonder if Mike Tyson could take out a bear with those punches?

  5. eka wibawa says

    Finnally i saw u Mike,,,hope u will more n more be a legend movie star than boxing.
    U are the best,,,,

  6. Darrall Jr Williams says

    After Tyson hit that bag by Donnie face, Donnie was like F that they ain't paying me enough to feel one of those blows! "cut"

  7. Kevin Kirko says

    I like them both but Mike Tyson is legend. Any they Tyson is greatest boxer all time. No one have knockouts like Tyson !!

  8. BoxCuber says

    motherfucker telling us everything in the movie i dont wanna watch anymore…

  9. Matthew Ray says

    Anyone else find it funny that Mike tyson still needed subtitles even though he speaks english?

  10. Lucky Boy 15 says

    I think Mike promoted the movie more than the movie promotes him….Mike has a huge following all over the world

  11. Didie orange Orange says

    fuck u raza……don't talking so much u try with me…. ip man is my sifu….don't say the worng words…….!!!! fuckerrr

  12. Steve Rogers says

    watched it, ip man is practically a superhero in this movie beating up gangstas in front of the press n shit, Mike Tyson's fight was underwhelming imo

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