Obsessed Fans Who Went A Little Too Far

Bizarre Things People Do Behind Closed Doors

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When we have been youngsters, we tended to idolize the folks we noticed on our tv units and on the massive display on the movie show. Maybe you tore the posters out of your Tiger Beat journal to place up in your wall, or perhaps you doodled their title in your pocket book, however that’s seemingly so far as your fascination went. Not solely do some folks by no means develop out of their behavior of crushing on celebrities, some folks take them means, means too far. We will present you some followers whose appreciation of their favourite stars is borderline terrifying. Some folks view tattoos as a murals, however one fan thought she may use one to get Drake to fall in love together with her. After all, who doesn’t get pleasure from taking a look at their very own title on their beloved’s brow? Well introduce you to a person who desires to be often called the “male Kim Kardashian” and has had an insane quantity of beauty procedures to look extra like a Kardashian. Changing your look definitely reveals. . .dedication, however one girl determined she liked Kanye West a lot that she would change her personal title to Kanye West, as a result of that’s in no way complicated. After lamenting how troublesome it’s to discover a good man these days, one girl determined that she would marry her dream man, Robert Pattinson, even when she needed to accept a cardboard cutout model. Nowadays, selfies appear to be the usual celeb interplay, however we are going to present you why some celebs refuse to take them due to some followers who went means too far.

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  1. TheRichest says

    Thanks for watching! Check out "Siblings You've NEVER Seen Till Now"

  2. derek frost says


  3. ice bear says

    Nah, I think being a KPOP fan is better.

  4. BillDip AintBullshit says

    Welp, I saw Tal and Zayn then clicked
    YES AND THE BREAD (Nialler likes food)

  5. The Joker's Wifey Harley says

    I got a shirt the was worn by Norman Reedus From the walking dead and i plan on getting a tattoo of his Name on my arm I Love Norman Reedus he is so damn hot

  6. Darla Stercula says

    How is it medically ethical to take Brandon Parks money to allow him to do these crazy alterations to himself. Just look at him, the doctor needs to have charges placed against him. The surgeries have made him look comical. If he can't see this himself the doctor job is to be honest and stop these crazy surgeries…

  7. Manga Girl says

    I used to have a crush on Justin Bieber. But when I heard about him drag racing, or whatever illegal thing he did, I stopped liking him immediately.

  8. Marybell Ramirez says

    Are all these people really insane?

    Yes they are, stupidly insane retarded. I wonder how their brains are wired.

  9. Mix MJ says

    Any moonwalkers here?☺️

  10. Michael Kun says

    you should do a Obsessed fans of youtubers 😛

  11. PandaLover11221 says

    To Jordan ParkYou could've tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge if you were THAT desperate! 🏠😑

  12. Marc Wisnia says

    I mean good for her. Now i'm sure she won't ever brake her leg again falling down the stairs cause she invested more money for security. Really???

  13. Marc Wisnia says

    Yea one thousand twenty five dollar's – 1029 $ ???

  14. Wolf Girl says

    So many people were obsessed with Robert Pattinson do you know how much people most of my whole family that are girls even my mom I mean I do too but I'm really on Team Jacob

  15. Nightshade Studios says

    Don’t forget the two girls who crashed a wedding that Twenty one pilots went to

  16. Brandi Astheimer says

    Edward Cullen? Who's Edward Cullen? I only see Cedric Diggory. I guess I'll never get over the Harry Potter series…

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