North Korea slams Trump’s State of the Union address

Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton offers perception.

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  1. Bello Ali says

    Why wouldn't you laugh just hope you could laugh at your president Mr Bolton. Donald Trump is more less a backing dog no bit.. visual circle rhetoric

  2. Keni Haswell says

    We got them; They can't have them. 'Cause We say so! 😉

  3. Barelythere Skinwear says

    Cry baby Kim , We have a strong and wonderful intelligent President now so deal with it you wimp. Trump 2020 I wish for eternity.

  4. Kim White says

    I'd like to BODY SLAM little ROCKET 🚀MAN😠!!! MAGA♥️🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. john park says

    bastards, in Mueller we believe in Mueller we trust we will get the bottom of this investigations, Russian spies will be deposed in Guantanamo

  6. D M says

    80% of these comments are from war mongering civilians that are brain washed by there shit usa government.

  7. Mary Weinzetl says

    Why not send special forces in for him , and put him on some on island away from other people so he can't hurt anyone.

  8. Bk Bk says

    Christian leaders need to help Americans under Jewish control

  9. hjgj ghjgjk says

    hah no war all talk no action still fake news bs

  10. Robert Hudson says

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  11. Janos says

    So North Korea and the Democratic party are on the same side. Why am I not surprised.

  12. ROTAXD says

    C'mon…at this point, how hard would it really be to take 1 American gi of korean lineage, drop him into NK with a Daewoo k5 and have him pop kimmy jonger ? Third world shithole…he could probably walk right into kj's nest and take him out.

  13. B G says

    One day he will have to pay for all his wicked time on earth.I pray he changes his ways before it is to late.

  14. Toma Hawk says

    Is that news. Hahahahaaaaaaa, damm. Go away.

  15. Samantha Smith says

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  16. Osvaldo Zapata says

    We need to destroy rocket man before is too late, quietly and in a way our enemy wont know how it was done.

  17. Hybrid InfoDesk says

    Trump and his Synagogue of Satan Jew handlers aka US Zionist gov't can't have their white supremacy NWO movement. Until they control the 2 Asians N Korea and China, the middle and far east and every nation with other than white people.

  18. Gregory Boyle says

    Why do we give NK a voice on our news? Ignore them. They don't count. Geez.

  19. Paul Hawk says

    Gee,the democrats and Kim agree on so many levels…

  20. Sennie White says

    Digging at the "bottom of the barrel" and all you got left is a rotten apple to report. Who cares about this Fat Dumpling Gang in N.K.?

  21. shadow kat says

    USA your foolish! stop push your luck. soon north korea will be too strong. this taunting and taking things to extremes is gonna get everyone killed !
    the more he figures out how to beat all countries the closer he is getting to doing it.
    BAD dog stop barking!!

  22. Macs M. says

    I don't understand why the N. Koreans have not assassinated that slob already. He's the size of the Goodyear blimp while they have been starving and eating dirt to stay alive. It's not like they keep his photos a secret, they're plastered on virtually every wall in every city. A big fat slob who feasts like a gluttonous P•I•G Hog, while they starve. You have to be virtually brain dead to sit back and allow that.

  23. Conservative Wolves says

    W t f does Kim Jung think we care what he thinks he’s mentally incapable of a rational statement and a lard ass weirdo, shove it up your fat azz Kim Jung along w the rest of ya nooks

  24. Raidenway says

    His people are not starving but our people are starving and jobless or sleeping on the

  25. Robert Parker says

    I like Bolton. That said, he should tell Fox Business not to waste time naming off all his qualifications, positions, etc. Why do they feel it so necessary to bore people this way? How many people in America haven’t already heard this numerous times?🙄

  26. ccmyart says

    Who cares what any communist says? They are lying 99% of the time anyway.

  27. Joel D says


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