North and South Korea talk as Trump continues tough rhetoric

Insight from Politico senior international affairs correspondent Michael Crowley.

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  1. The Truth says

    North Koreans and South Koreans are Koreans major. Only dumb people do not see this.

  2. felix gauthier says

    US Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 “Victim Nations” Since World War II

  3. Frankie Dog Turner says

    As for the other moron who is conducting the interview –  he asked  good old Shep the Brainwasher here "What is the consensus on what it is that that is to accomplish" —- You have got to be kidding. This is  pure media clumsy attempt at media manipulation  brainwashing because good old Shep here would not have a clue how to find his ass with both hands let alone be a mindreader and have any idea what other people think. Then She comes up with "you have to do this and you have to do that" being the kind of moron he is he thinks he knows better than the president of the USA. How is it that this man is on any forum anywhere. He is dumber than a box of rocks.

  4. Rita G says

    Oh come on. Rocket man spews his danger all over the world. Whats wrong with letting the bully know we don't like it… I agree Shep Its our president find something else to report

  5. Godzilla Megatron says

    North Korea enters peace talks with south Korea to buy more time for them to develope their nuclear weapons.

  6. Frankie Dog Turner says

    Shepard Smith is despicable – if you are going to insult the President of the USA on an international forum then have the courage to say it yourself and not try to pass it off as the words of others. This is a classic case of 'journalistic B/S" or a clumsy attempt at "Media Manipulation" in other words a fools attempt to brainwash the public. The guy is obviously a very ver unintelligent man to thinks he could fool the public with such a clumsy trick.

  7. Phil.Paula Stocks says

    Shepard Smith needs to go to work for CNN or MSNBC.
    The time for talking to N. Korea is over.
    25 years of "talking" has allowed N. Korea to develope their nuclear and ballistic missile technology to the point that they are a threat to the entire world.
    Now is the TIME FOR ACTION.

  8. Ross Johnson says

    Hey lefties, the elections were 14 months ago. USA must pull together to help NK settle. Stop resisting our country or go live in NK.

  9. Ross Johnson says

    Hey lefties, get with USA as we make it clear to NK that we mean business and to dismantle the Kukes in NK and we the people mean it. If a few of you lefties argue against USA your interferring with our elected President to do his job. So get behind and shut up.

  10. Sam J says

    go on trump lets smash the fuck out of korea

  11. XBDOT7 says

    LOL!!! Communicate on a civil level with a punk that had his own relatives killed; executes any one or group that displeases him; has people kidnapped to perform services that will benefit his regime; has his own citizens used as guinea pigs for military and medical experiments.
    And then there are the sex slaves, his love for his phallic nuclear missiles, and his want to take control of the south, only to transform it into what those in the north have to live with every day! Kim's people hate him so very much, but know what will happen to them and their family members if they speak out. He really needs to open a water park for himself! Yeah! Fun!

  12. Egil Lomeland says

    North Korea wants something. South Korea will give it to them and get nothing in return. A great speech will follow extolling the success of the negotiations.

  13. gifford lee says

    That's a good response of the North Korea I want to say that we can say that too if president Donald Trump wants to say that I allow it and I voted for him. Good for the president

  14. Chosen One says

    If it wasnt for twitter Trump would probably being do A LOT better and would have his own party behind him. It makes no sense, all it does is hurt him.

  15. DayDreaming77 says

    It doesn't matter how the President handles North Korea, liberals and the media are going to complain!! I know that the President has the country's best interest in mind.

  16. paraglidingnut26 says

    Grow a set of balls Michael. You don't bow to dictator's. Otherwise you'll lose every time. Michael, just Kim Jung Un really give a shit his own people are starving to death?

  17. Angela Thomas says

    President Trump is just fighting fire with fire with this tweet for goodness sake. Little Rocket Man started it. Why be alarmed at his tweets. God Bless you President Trump at last someone to stand up to Kim. Whats he supposed to say oh no you have a button I'm scared! No way. Good on you Mr President x

  18. Fred Baron says

    Shut up the button tweet brought them close "in the gang" you guys are showing as stupid

  19. Ramiro Ramos says

    People are not stupid as you think they are. I am an atheist I believe nothing but science evolution philosophy. Nothing is Real it's all elusion time doesn't exist past future doesn't exist.

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