No political events: How Nunavut’s consensus government works

Nunavut’s consensus-style government has no political events and is modelled after the standard manner Inuit made choices with listening, cooperation and respect.

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  1. White Privilege says

    Seems to be a lack of diversity, more Islamic refugees in Nunavut NOW!

  2. IceHedge says

    The U.S. would be way better without the current structure of the political parties and lobbying for that matter.

  3. pricila says

    George Washington warned us about political parties

  4. Roland Patrick Jurado says

    It's much better that the Whole Canada Follow Nunavut's System of Goverment. Why? So that all members can decide through their own will, not on a Party or Party Leader's Will. Yes, it would be complicated, though.. Just an opinion!

  5. Greg Miller says

    It seems to me that instead of Nunavut adopting the party system the rest of Canada should adopt the Nunavut system and give up the unproductive rankling that we now have.

  6. goff0103 says

    This is why Canada should take Greenland

  7. Libitards Are Despicable says

    A political system that actually cares about its own people's needs and concerns! Unlike now where we are just slaves to pay for psychotic ideals from our politicians who want to sell us out to the evil UN!

  8. Pat Ricketts says

    Picking a political party is akin to picking a favorite hockey team. It is just another way to feel apart of something bigger than yourself. This tribal mentality can work, you just have to zoom out to 8 billion people.

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