NKorea wants to launch more ‘peaceful’ satellites

Greg Palkot reports on rogue regime announcing plans to expand space program.

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  1. BrainStorm4207 says

    Peaceful my ASS. They can't even feed themselves and want a "space program". This is obvious bull shit.

  2. Daniel Ryan says

    Allowing North Korea to put satellites in orbit is something "President Obozo and Hitlary Klinton would allow, backed by 90 % of the "tenured proffesers" on American campuses/ indoctrination center's. Rome cannibalized itself by giving bread (entitlements), while obscuring the truth with circuses (main stream media). The fact that the Klinton/Obozo ticket lost, is truly a blessing!

  3. jmack619 says

    we have enough space pollution already kimi. return to sender

  4. Christopher R says

    north korea must have miniaturized H bomb. they are trying to put it in their satellite and explode on top of US…. they already have 2 satellites flying over US. hopefully we can shoot them down before they harm us.

  5. Günther Lehmann says

    The USA is only pissed, because Kim Jung-Un peaceful use of space will bankrupt the massively subsidized Space X.

  6. Scott Payne says

    Rev. Sun Myung Moon said in December 1971, in Washington DC, that the fate of the human race would be decided @ the 38th Parallel!

  7. pelley 4560 says

    If their peaceful then I don't see the problem.

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