Mysterious Cases Of Time Travel That Can’t Be Explained

high 10 pictures of surprising individuals who traveled by time
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People are obsessive about time journey. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of hooking some type of flux capacitor as much as the household automobile and heading again in time to see what issues had been actually like? Unfortunately, these pesky scientists have argued time and time once more that point journey is solely not attainable. What do they know? OK, so to be able to make it attainable we’d must journey sooner than the velocity of sunshine which is theoretically not possible to do. We’d most likely want a DeLorean as a result of it might make issues simply really feel proper – and they’re getting more durable and more durable to search out in good working order. Finally, you’d want some uranium to energy your time machine – if the flicks are something to go by – and given the best way the best way the world reacts to sure nations dealing with the radioactive stuff we’re considering that is likely to be fairly close to not possible.
Still, none of this ‘proof’ has stopped us from occupied with time journey and dreaming that sooner or later we might go ahead or backwards in time. Until then, we’ll simply must let our imaginations run wild as we seek for any shred of ‘evidence’ to show that point journey is feasible. And searched we now have. Recently, there’s been an enormous development of looking for previous pictures to search out anomalies or issues that simply don’t match. Whether objects or individuals who appear misplaced, some have taken this as proof of some form of time journey capacity. We’ll allow you to have a look and be the choose of all of it.

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  1. Ankit Sinha says

    I traveled time to comment on this video. I came from 1211BC.

  2. 3dplanet100 says

    If time traveling would be real, by now you would know actual people who does it. . Plus, that's illogical.

  3. Andrew Barrett says

    The Dupont clip is easily explained. If the hearing aid is a simple sound reflector, it would be aimed at a person to the hard-of-hearing person's left, or, the viewer's right, when viewed from the front. Sure enough, as soon as the lady finishes talking, she turns to her left (our right), and looks directly at another lady walking to her left, our right, (just on the other side of the tall woman in between them), to whom she had presumably been talking. I guess she looked away while talking, in order to better concentrate on what she heard, without being distracted by the other folks' faces / behavior.

  4. Atom Adams says

    Technically,This video doesn't make sense.Only I know how to time travel.

  5. Warren Dizon says

    time travel is true time travel is airplane and train

  6. red face says

    The jay-z picture could be a ancester

  7. Dalton Collinson says

    The woman actually was talking on a phone, it was a short wave house device. Which was being worked on at that time, 2 years later the patent for it was filed. Just saying she was a woman with connections.

  8. Lucky dphe says

    They said there was no phone, radio. So how they capture? I need my reply. Seriously

  9. Y&S FOOD! says

    Brilliant video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to uncover this kind of contents. We produce Travel & Food films too, around the world, so we are frequently aiming for inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  10. Rick Jasper says

    Contrary to what this narrator says, experts DO NOT say time travel is impossible. They say, there's nothing in the theory of relativity that disputes it as possibility. In fact, astronauts and even people who travel in airplanes experience time dilation on a small scale. This means, time is passing FASTER for them than it is for stationary people on the ground.

  11. Guilito Torres says

    I once tried to timetravel. I saw in front of me what I thought was my future self. When I tried to jump through the portal it broke and cut me all over. It was a mirror. Man I almost did it guys.

  12. Jonne Music says

    This might be the most inaccurate video ever made

  13. Rekt Z4 says

    Wasted 6 minutes about something i am gonna face

  14. Carrie Sanders says

    Yall not gonna get away with taking our children and replacing them with a clone, there was a time god wink at yall, he,s not winking anymore, those bodys are laid up for furture used, yall removing our seeding from its seed bed and replacing them in another family, or in a lab. I curse all of you with damnation! Yall want live to see your creation!

  15. Jason Daly says

    Also, could they be cases of reincarnation-or Photoshop?

  16. SubZeroxx 123 says

    I mean that guy has today's clothes and he is holding a camera and cameras didn't exist then.Thin about it and see down a reason why it has no logic.

    If he is holding a camera and cameras didn't exist who take that picture and with what?

  17. Nicholas Josey -The Diamond Block says

    im curious if you read this comment were you born in 11/09/2001 which would make you 16 years old, i'm just asking for because i am curious

  18. Unicorn Lilly says

    The experts say no but what do they know? evreything there experts

  19. real1213 says

    ahhhhhh fuk, youtube made me lose 2 iq again. fuk fuk fuk

  20. James Wiliams says

    The creation of TIME
    Time, it is only a tool for observation and verification.
    It is impossible for TIME to exist in the absence of matter (in a void).
    The appearance of MATTER (Creation) created both SPACE and TIME simultaneously.
    TIME has a beginning, it began with the appearance of the material world as we know it today (the universe), TIME is now in progress reading the movement of MATTER through the harmoniums expansion of the universe as an “on-the-scene” eye witness of the ever perfect movement of the universe that allows life on earth as we know it today…till the end of TIME when the universe STOPS TO EXIST…when He (the Creator) ordains it so!
    (Apocalypses 20:11) “Earth and Heaven fled from His presence and where seen no more”

  21. xhavit rexhepi says

    i can time travel but this time i hit my head so bad i need guys from the university

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