My Tips For Growing Healthy Hair

Hey guys!! I’ve performed a video like this earlier than on one other channel, but it surely’s been some time since I’ve performed one with all my hair ideas collectively like this one on this channel. Since I am attempting to get my hair longer and more healthy personally, I assumed I’d share my ideas for this weeks video. What are a few of your greatest ‘wholesome hair’ ideas?

Items Used In This Video:
*Kiehl’s Magic Elixir:
Hair Fertilizer Conditioner:
Hair Fertilizer Serum:
SugarBearHair Vitamins:
*Viviscal Supplements:
*Kiehl’s Reparative Hair Pak:
Conair Comb:
*Kerastase Elixir Spray:
Hair Dryer:
Morning Glamour Satin Pillow Case:









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  1. Anakerin Mcalkich says

    Hi my name is AK I’m a Jewerly designer and i love your videos all your advise . I like sharing your videos with my friends. I post lost of your videos on my Facebook page. Thank you so much for all your beauty advice.

  2. KJade 14 says

    The cold water thing actually works

  3. Anna Burke says

    Eating 2-3 tablespoons of chia seeds every day has made my hair grow so much faster and thicker!

  4. Katie Thomas says

    I found that since i don't color my hair anymore (since I was pregnant then I didn't have the time last year) my hair has gotten much healthier. Also I had some hairless in the front/sides after I had Natalie but within 2 months it was growing back and by 6-8 months it was pretty much most of the way grown in again. Don't use any hot tools if you can!

  5. Gladys Toledo says

    Rachel ur so awesome I was wondering if u know any beauty treatments for cellulite on the butt cheeks thank u .keep up good videos that I know work for u ur so beautiful n look very healthy skin plzzz HELP that's my only problem with my body

  6. iam beautiful says

    Do you shampoo frequently after using 2 types of oil.. and hair mask

  7. uponamidnightdreary says

    It's 12:27 a.m. was just thinking of sleep and now I'm about to go put some freaking coconut oil in my hair😆
    Thanks Rachel 🤣

  8. Macy and Ellie says

    Biotin and c-something vitamins are what is in sugar bear vitamins so just get those their cheaper

  9. Ariakim DIY says

    My aunt uses its a ten and I watched like all your vids

  10. Khusi Parvin says

    Hi,I like yr all the videos.i want know what kind of haircut is that.
    I like yr haircut .Thank u.

  11. Astha Jain says

    hi Rachel due an insane amount of travel my hair has gotten really damaged. my hair used to normally fall in to place before so I never paid much attention to until it was too late and it's gotten seriously damaged. any tips? would really appreciate it.

  12. Paula Burke says

    What size is you make up storage draws ? It looks like a good big one.. I need a large set of make up draws

  13. sumaiyah rahmaan says

    hi @rachel love the way yu role girl.. plz use my products and see how you feel.. it's totally organic

    for more glamourous skin comment below on my Instagram with code "new me" for 20%discount on glamourous skin care products
    my Instagram I.d: @heavenly_organic_

  14. sumaiyah rahmaan says

    for more glamourous skin comment below on my Instagram with code "new me" for 20%discount on glamourous skin care products
    my Instagram I.d: @heavenly_organic_

  15. HonneyDew says

    This video would've been helpful 2 days ago, I just cut off 12 inches to charity. But maybe I can grow it back…? Idk, I've had long hair most my life, I just wanted to try something new. This video is still awesome though! ♡♡

  16. _ Simplicity _ says

    I have the EXACT wide toothed comb!! wonderful video too, it was really simple:)

  17. Aleksandra Węglarek says

    Great tips but the thing is if you don't have curly hair you shouldn't comb them when they are wet! That's very important because they are more prone to damage then.

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