Most Dangerous Whales! (30 Facts You Won’t Believe)

30 wonderful information you will not consider about animals, science, individuals, locations and the world!
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  1. AapeliSeveri says

    Well the publishers that rejected J.K.Rowling must be mad right now

  2. Mimi FluffyKitten says

    Oh? Well Switzerland makes the best Chocolate in the world and I can surely say that because I life there~ 😉 but for the fact we eat the most chocolate we still are all pretty thin 😂😂😂

  3. cole 143c says

    lol why does it say most dangerous whales when the orca is a dolphin

  4. Dominic Lujan says

    Btw jk rowlings name is pernounced rolling as in rolling pin

  5. ShredzTheMetalHead says

    Why does theRichest always call it Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when it's Sorcerer''s Stone?

  6. ellaina case says

    orcas are not dAngerous animals how would you react if you were a baby and was kidnapped and put in a tiny tank and forced to perform tricks they don't deserve to be in captivity, seaworld don't take care of their animals

  7. Paul Gran says

    Only 'Murica uses miles as a lenght mass, soooo could you please use meter or killometer?

  8. Free-me says

    there is only 29 facts in this episode as 1 fact is a repeat

  9. Amanda Thompson says

    I think it would be nice if the users of the Law library would learn wow to read so they can use the law properly!

  10. CoolXIVD says

    Whale whale whale what do we have here

  11. Jess Robinson says

    William Hartnell playing the first doctor isn't really a fact you wouldn't believe. Quite a lot of people know that 😕😐

  12. Treyseph Roberts says

    For people who are saying killer whales/orcas are not whales, dolphins are porpoises are listed as part of the group called "toothed whales." While a killer whale is a dolphin, its not inaccurate to call it a whale.

  13. Saz Shaz says

    Sea world were breeding new whales and I'm glad it's been stopped
    If people don't want to be flipped about and killed then don't lock these poor animals in small tanks for entertainment purposes. Glad to see it finally finish in a few years!

  14. The Dazzling Yazz says


  15. Samuel Preston says

    Why is the Doctor Who Fact interesting? It's common knowledge in the UK!

  16. Kengan Ashura says

    the electric eel is the new pikachu

    im so cringey i love it

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