More than 52,000 needles discarded in Ottawa over two months

Over 52,000 soiled needles discarded in downtown Ottawa in simply two months. CTV’s Annie Bergeron-Oliver explains.

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  1. Del Evans says

    Violent crime, including murder, rape and physical assault, is running rampant in German asylum shelters, according to a leaked intelligence report. German authorities, who appear powerless to stem the rising tide of violence, have justified their failure to inform the public about the scale of the problem by citing the privacy rights of the criminal offenders.

  2. Jotunn Dovregubben says

    This is obviously a symptom of white privilege. White people expect to be able to do their drugs and leave the discarded refuse for people of colour to collect for them. It's the colonial mindset that is still present in the consciousness of white people today. Education is needed more than ever to make these white people understand the concept of equality.

  3. rayzer says

    More proof that the coastal Provinces are full of degenerates and people who have no self-control.

  4. True Tech says

    What if there was a 25 cent return on all needles at approved locations willing to help reduce the needles left around?
    I remember sweeping up needles in the basement of a pool hall we rented for cheap years ago as a band practice space.
    Heroin must be rather humbling to those stuck on it..

  5. Shelley Dwyer says

    Im not sure their concerned about thy neighbour..if they cared about drug habits you open a treatment facility to get off it.

  6. jeannine Poulin says

    This has everything to do with this evil, wicked world we live in and it's only going to get worst.floodings, earthquakes strange weather, animals dying off..people possessed by demons.. yup.. it's all happening people.. WAKE UP…. best put your trust in the Lord because he said this world will be destroyed and ONLY those who believe in His Holy name Jesus Christ.. will be saved.

  7. White Master Mariner says

    Ottawa has a very high negro and (red) indian population.
    Wherever the negro and the indian go they bring crime and drugs.

  8. Rob Ford says

    Pot is the Problem,Cuz when u smoke a joint,U immediately want a needle full of Heroin,And usually u will join a Gang…

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