“MOM DOWN!” – EPIC FAILS #1 – July 2017 | Funny Weekly Viral Fail Compilation | Best Fails Montage

“MOM DOWN!” – EPIC FAILS humorous viral montage for July 2017. Weekly choice features a child crashing a cupboard on a hoverboard, trampoline launch to doom, rope swing slams into dock, loopy bike crash, sled to the face, child takes a brush to the dome, dad crashes into the wall, flip ends in nut shot, damaged television, treadmill bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape.

Check out DUMB GENIUS “TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN Funny Animal Video Compilation 2017” Video:

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  1. lvly bbg says

    The Asian guy that jumped over the desk goes to my school if u want his ig hmu

  2. Owen Bisson says

    hhahahah at 6:27 she somehow after a fall like that set her drink down so perfectly! ouch!

  3. fonsholm says

    Unacceptable act at 4:19 . Don't jump onto a horizontal spine with your size, you idiot.

  4. bfreeuk says

    6:23 There you have basic bitch with Thrasher hoodie first time on Skate

  5. Ramadorn says

    Commercial every minute what th hell

  6. Yellow Dragon says

    (1:02) you mast be a really stupid parent to let your baby hart hiis mouth….

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