Moira abilities record: right here's everything Overwatch's new support hero can do

After being revealed at BlizzCon final weekend, Overwatch’s latest hero, Moira, is now playable on the sport’s PTR. A support hero that manipulates biotic power to heal allies and hurt enemies, Moira provides a play type in contrast to the opposite healers on Overwatch’s roster. 

I had an opportunity to play her on the present, however now that she’s on the PTR I’ve an excellent higher grasp on how Moira’s considerably complicated package works. At first impression, she looks as if a healer that will likely be simple to choose up and contribute to her group, however with attention-grabbing auxilary abilities that can afford a excessive ability ceiling. 

All of Moira’s skins had been revealed at this time, together with two David Bowie-inspired outfits. Here’s everything she can do:

Biotic Grasp

Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic power to heal allies in entrance of her. Her proper hand fires a long-range beam weapon that saps enemies’ well being, therapeutic Moira and replenishing her biotic power. 

Biotic Grasp is Moira’s fundamental methodology of therapeutic allies and damaging enemies. The main utilization, left click on, heals gamers for 80 well being per second—barely greater than Mercy. The therapeutic beam feels a bit like Mei’s freezing stream, can heal a number of allies directly, and leaves a small heal-over-time impact on allies for 4 seconds. The therapeutic stream is blocked by Barriers resembling Reinhardt’s protect, however not D.Va’s Defense Matrix. It depletes a useful resource meter that recharges very slowly whereas not in use.

Her right-click beams out 40 single-target injury per second—a bit of bit lower than the DPS of Winston’s Tesla Cannon. The beam has a variety of 20 meters, and locks onto targets—considerably much like Symmetra’s beam, besides it requires considerably extra goal to take care of a connection. If the goal reticle strikes away from the goal for greater than a short second, the beam will disconnect. Dealing injury with this means recharges the useful resource meter, which means that Moira can have a logical cadence between therapeutic and damaging. The damaging beam has no ammo and can be held down indefinitely with out reloading.

Biotic Orb

Moira launches a rebounding biotic sphere; she can select between a regeneration impact that heals the allies it passes by way of, or a decay impact that offers injury to enemies. 

Moira’s E means is Biotic Orb, one other means with an offensive/defensive cut up. Pressing E brings up a variety alternative between a therapeutic and damaging orb. Both orbs journey slowly—round or a bit quicker than the pace of Symmetra’s alternate fireplace orb or Orisa’s Halt! orb—bouncing off partitions, the ground, and ceilings, and disappear after 10 seconds or as soon as a complete quantity of harm or therapeutic is finished. The therapeutic orb tethers to allies because it passes, therapeutic them for about 60 well being per second, disappearing after 300 therapeutic has been achieved. The damaging orb capabilities equally, tethering to enemies because it passes and dealing round 60 injury per second, disappearing after 200 injury dealt. 

The orbs move by way of Barriers, can be deflected by Genji, and are absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix. The means has a 10 second cooldown.


Moira shortly teleports a brief distance.

Moira’s shift means is Fade, which causes her to vanish for rather less than one second, gaining pace, invisibility, and invulnerability for the length. With a cooldown of solely six seconds, Fade is a a strong escape means that can permit Moira to both play aggressively and slip away or to evade flankers trying to choose her off. It has a most vary of 10 meters.


Moira channels a long-range beam that each heals allies and bypasses obstacles to wreck her enemies. 

Moira’s Ultimate means, Coalescence, is a strong software throughout teamfights. It heals roughly 140 well being per second over its eight-second length, bypassing Barriers and Defense Matrix, with a variety of 30 meters. Enemies hit additionally take roughly 70 injury per second. Moira can transfer whereas channeling the power, at a pace barely quicker than regular.

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