Millions impacted by deep freeze caused by ‘bomb cyclone’

Bryan Llenas stories from frigid New York City.

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  1. Julia K says

    Welcome to Louisiana, it's 60 degrees, very comfortable, we took a trip to the beach today

  2. Chris Jones says

    Global warming only works in the summer! This must be Global cooling!

  3. RC RC says

    wonder if people are figuring maybe the north and south pole kinda moving against eachother has somthing to do with it?

  4. Terry Robert Zimmerman says

    It's fake news again reports about fake colder weather when EVERYONE knows that we are causing global warming. C'mon Fox you are starting to resemble CNN.
    (Just kidding)

  5. monkeygraborange says

    Here in Boston we just suck it up… it's winter. Winter has existed for eons. Bring it on bitch, we can take it!

  6. Gary McAleer says

    Nobody's talking about the Grand Solar Minimum that forecasts a cooling trend in total opposition to Al Gore's propaganda, An Inconvenient Shiest.

  7. U2 boy says

    Meh, we go through this shit in Chicago on a regular basis. Could be 80° one day and -10 the next with a foot of snow. Zzzzzz…

  8. Return of Zeus says

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  9. Cassidy Preston says

    More Americans need Russian ushankas. Then they wouldn't be so cold!

  10. me heretoday says

    and all Trump cares about is the book…. wonder how many people will die that could have been saved had he done his job and cared about the people caught up in this…..

  11. kent mclellan says

    so if Boston harbor freezes , is it a first ?no didnt thinks so

  12. Whit U. Forever says

    Sensationalism. It's just winter. It happens every year. Wear a parka!

  13. Libertys Son says

    I blame Obama for solving global warming. Now we are having an ice age.

  14. Russian Homecat says

    Russia, Moscow it is 36F now. We must have 0-5 F in January. So the US have stolen our snow and our cold weather. 🤓

  15. Paul Hawk says

    Hey,no big deal….we know what to do up north.when mother nature throws us a left jab,we throw a straight right.Bam!

  16. Tim Henry says

    Thank god for global warming. Think how cold it would be otherwise.

  17. rishabh rawal says

    Trumptards still don't get the difference between climate and weather. Seriously how illiterate are you idiots?!!?

  18. Mike R. says

    "While nobody would ever say Trump was sensitive when it came to women, he had many views about how to get along with them, including a theory he discussed with friends about how the more years between an older man and a younger woman, the less the younger woman took an older man’s cheating personally." From the book "Fire and Fury", said about a man who a majority of "family values" voters cast a ballot for

  19. Spot Spot says

    That darn climate change is so hot that the world will be hotter……. but but but, one has FACTS and one uses feelings. Personally I think it's very cold and I don't believe the climate change crap.

  20. The Messenger says

    Fuck Trump! Fuck Republicans! Fuck MAGA! Fuck your fake patriotism!

  21. Radha Das says

    God bless these people. My prayers and heart is with them.

  22. Joel Spring says

    Global Warming at work!! The colder it gets the clearer it is that Global Warming is a reality!!! Will at least one Republican have the guts to say that Global Warming is a reality!!! Look at how cold it's getting?! How can anybody suggest that Global Warming isn't a reality?!!!

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