‘Might learn something from dialogue’: PM shuts down heckler

Prime Minister Trudeau informed a heckler that she ‘would possibly learn something from dialogue’ after she interrupted a number of questions throughout a city corridor occasion in London, Ontario.

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  1. Screech says

    "You might learn something from dialogue". Lol! What are we supposed to learn about dialogue from a man that avoided answering the same question, during question period in parliament, 36 times? What's that supposed to teach us about dialogue?

  2. Gary Hum says

    At least he handled the situation well. He didn't call on the guards to escort her out, which she deserves.

  3. FMX211AL says

    Stop clapping for him!!!!! Good on her!!! Just needed 10 more people yelling at him until he pranced out

  4. Snake Handler 13 says

    Canada is shame of the planet, what a poor excuse for a leader of a country.

  5. Art Art AAng says

    Bravo PM Trudeau.
    That's how you handle crazy people who have no respect on other people.

  6. Eric Von says

    Only idiots fall for this kind of crap. Everyone knows they hire people to pretend to be part of the community, and ask "general" questions.

  7. Asiablue says

    The woman is crazy. She insists on her drama queen moment by denying time to more repectful people. She rants, vents and provokes the audience until they boo her. The PM handled her with grace, maturity and elegance.

  8. evony tree says

    do you conservative losers not watch the video he said he was going around the room and would probably have gotten to her but noooo you just hate

  9. matt i says

    Our prime minister has a hard enough time answer real questions no matter where he goes. This is not the only occasion he has side stepped real honest questions from the public. Since less than 20% of the population is concerned with politics based on studies, I feel people need to think before they speak or post. Our prime minister is not looking out for our best interests. If he was he would close our borders and regulate what kind of maniacs are coming into Canada. Not all immigrants are bad. But Canada has limited resources that we already are sharing. It makes it harder for use to make a decent wage when us Canadian born citizens have to compete with more people. It decreases our success to find a decent wage.

  10. OceanBlue says

    He is such a weak cuckold!… It’s just painful to listen to this clown!

  11. J br says

    He's going to learn a lesson from his Treason.

  12. Aim M.A.H. says

    Trudeau is the most respectful leader in north america .
    Vive le canada 🍁

  13. KAT Erwhall says

    When the voices get drowned out by bullies.

    22 in press freedom index

  14. Steven Foulger says

    He could have at least addressed her concerns. Amazing he talks about learning something from dialog when he out right refuses to answer simple questions in the House of Commons and gives the same empty response over and over again. Apparently he doesn't know the meaning of the word "dialogue".

  15. dThor Riven says

    Funny lady
    She is at the wrong place ‘n @ the wrong time🤨

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