Mendoza: Politicians need to protect fellow Americans

Mother whose son was killed by unlawful immigrant reacts on ‘The Story’ to how President Trump is dealing with immigration points.

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  1. twodogs716 says

    One Mary Ann Mendoza to GO! GO! GO! You go, lady! Tell them how it REALLY is!!!

  2. Haulin' ass Wastin' gas says

    Damn this reporters eyes are always so friggin cashed out; Like straight up bloodshot.

    I can't figure out if she's hitting the sauce too hard, cheeched teh fuck out, or just needs to get a decent night's rest for a change.

  3. Milton Monnin says

    When they say "the people" they mean ( Corporate persons) not humans ! lol American politicians only take care of Corporate persons (their People )
    Humans are defined as an monster resembling a lower animal, thats how your legaly defined …i didn't write barons legal dictionary ..
    You voluntarily gave up your actual right in exchange for so called privileges, and tax code enforcement to feel safe !
    FEEL SAFE YET, what ya dont have enough tax code enforcement officers yet ? Ask England what to do next hahahaa

  4. Nordic Alien says

    I feel so sorry for what this poor mother went through…it would ruin me as a person but she is stronger than me. we need to follow our laws and kick out illegals, I don't see what the problem is with that

  5. Bee be Cee says

    Madam Mendoza is spot on.
    She should be in Congress.

  6. Robert Fields says

    Incorrect dumbass. The first order is the protection of liberty, not security.

  7. joey dubbs76 says

    I'm so sorry for your loss honey, I hope you'll find the closure & justice that Kate's family was robbed of. The disgust I feel for sympathizers of violent felons hopefully one day soon will be shared by the DNC & they'll finally wake up & take care of their own people's instead of being all consumed with importing other's that can be levied with fresh debt & over extended credit & pretending that they're only concerned with their livelihood.

  8. Nordic Alien says

    there are more assholes who come here than good people. its just the truth. fuck the illegals

  9. Lisa Mastrangelo says

    I know a lady immigrant here in Canada from a poor Country , she gave me advice one time, her words were, You have to look out for your own people first ! Her words were short but has a whole lot of meaning.

  10. Walter Kiel says

    Half of the Illegal Aliens are convicted criminals who should be sent back to Mexico… period.

  11. Mr. Homerson says

    Get the illegal persons out and then do a thorough routine check to ensure any person coming into the USA or Canada are good people who will live the Western way. If not, go somewhere else.

  12. anoniem always says

    Ms Mendoza WE the people will stand by Trump.> Trump is Right on alot of Issue"s.> Its about Mankind.
    Is doing Good a bad thing nowadays.> People are Worster than Animals.> Life is a Gived.

  13. mark toney says

    What do Faggots like Don Lemon have to say about that ????

  14. Think Mackay says

    Mrs. Mendoza , run for Senate and the country will be behind you. Make what you just said here your reason to run. It is such an important issues that MSM ignores and Dems lie about constantly. Either we have a country or we don't.

  15. Think Mackay says

    Deport ALL ILLEGALS. DACA or not. They are cancer to the civilized and LAW/Order USA.

  16. John Grytbakk says

    RINOs and "Democrat" treasonous filth are ruining the sacred Republic.

  17. Brent Holt says

    New laws are not needed. All that has to be done is enforce the current laws. And it was Trump that extended the illegal executive order DACA not the left or democrats. You should give the credit for DACA existing to Trump. He could have repealed DACA and he did not.

  18. Marie Summers says

    It's funny because of gems have not showed that American people matter to them whatsoever they have shown that all illegal immigrants are first priority. What do we American citizens think of that. Dems are stuck in a s*** hole

  19. Chad Rushing says

    Mexico isn't a shithole a shithole smells better and hides its contents better.

  20. Marco Dane says

    The stupid and complicit Left will still make excuses for illegal immigration.

  21. Sweetness LTL says

    What's the point of passing more law's?
    We have an immigration policy.

    We have law's on the books against illegal immigration & punishment for those invaders.

    We have laws on the books to punish those who provide aid & comfort to illegals. Why aren't those breaking these laws arrested & imprisoned?

    Why aren't gov't officials who stole tax funds from hard working Americans to aid illegals arrested?

    The oath of office to honor our country & laws is supposed to mean something. Why are we allowing Communist in gov't?

    Why are we allowing Communist to subvert our law's? Again there are laws on the books to arrest them too.

    If all media & gov't did was placate while Hitler & his Nazis invaded I doubt WWII would have turned in freedom's favor. It's time to start rounding up these invaders & their sympathizers in gov't.
    Impeachment of Communist judge's need to begin too.

  22. george bush says

    This lady is 100% correct! She should be in Congress! Democrats don't give a damn about the American people. All they care about is bringing in more illegal Democrat voters, cheap labor to steal away our jobs and hard cases to drain away our tax dollars. It's clear. Their goal is to ruin the country and it's been their goal for a long time.

  23. becky toner says

    Amen! I am sorry for your loss, your words were very well said.

  24. Ningen says

    Those countries are shit holes and the "people" coming from them are living waste.

    They all deserve to die.

  25. Allen Hu says

    That is so-called political correct that president should behave elegantly.NO,the job of president is to help American people within rule of law.Therefore,the political correct is the betray of rule of law.

  26. Judith Osorio says

    A 'thousand' American citizens have been victims of mass shootings this far. Yes people! A 1,000 of other people's children have been victims of angry white men with guns in this country. This lady is sick with hatred and grieve over her sons death and Fox News is milking her.

  27. ThE BeSt ! says

    🛣🛣🇺🇸🚨🛎Trump just got caught cheating on his wife with XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels !lol what a low life shit hole president 👉👌😊🚨🛎🚨🛎🚨🛎

  28. danielgarrison91 says

    I feel for her loss but ten's of thousands killed by illegals then she must mean in the last hundred years. While in that time you had hundreds of thousands killed by fellow Americans. You have thousands killed every year by drunk drivers. Shit in the last two years police in this country have killed over a hundreds of people. To try to distract from his statements that go back way before this idiotic comment is bullshit. And lady actually look up how many D.A.C.A individuals go to school and go to work in this country. And yes some are illiterate and criminals but shit you can go to any State and find American born illiterate and criminal schumcks.

  29. John Campbell says

    We should export our spineless politicians to these 3rd world hell holes and elect people that care about US citizens.

  30. Anthony D says

    Great that London doesn't want the Orange Turd to visit and that he got the message. Trumptards, you can't have it both ways – the Norwegians are too polite to tell Trump what shitholes Texas, Florida and Ohio are, but if you voted for Trump (perhaps not, did Russia get at the Koch brothers' voting machines?), there are a hell of lot of better places to visit in his shithole countries than these 3 redneck sellout states.

  31. jlpolcat13 says

    I lost a sister and her friend shot twice in the back of their heads stripped naked raped and robbed. The president at the time cared more for a illegal immigrant from Cuba being thrown out of their prisons and sent to America no background checks just come on into America and murder, rob, and rape whoever you want. Oh and we can’t prosecute them because they aren’t Americans and they have to be sent back to Cuba. Carter and obummer same same in my book. And now PRESIDENT TRUMP IS TRYING TO PROTECT AMERICANS AND ILLITERATE JUDGES ARE BLOCKING HIM? Let one of my family be killed by one of them and you judges will get the same thing as my family members get. SEMPER FIDELIS

  32. David LeBlanc says

    I like the points that woman makes but we all know it will fall on deaf ears

  33. chucky2337 says

    Fuck your son bitch Im so happy he died and I hope you suffer more.

  34. Bean Soup says

    It's all about the Democratic vote and we all know that

  35. FishBayVI420H20 says

    Trump has so far done absolutely nothing to secure the border or make immigration policy more effective.
    Theres no wall, and a wall wont even solve the problem…There havent been any real changes to immigration policies either…
    the reality is that we can never keep illegals out completely without all of us giving up a whole lot of our own freedoms and liberties…
    the issue here should be crime, not illegal immigrant crime…crime is crime….that is a separate issue from illegal immigration…
    its not a good idea to conflate the two..

  36. D Storm says

    Democrats couldn't care less about American citizens.

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