Match 50: Mali v Spain – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017

Watch highlights of the Semi-Finals match between Mali and Spain on the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

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  1. bruh eatthislantern says

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  2. Leader Bible says

    IT looks like FIFA already set the winner in this match before the match started. This video has been changed from the previous one to hide a clear goal that was denied for Mali. Which if given would give Mali more confidence and the match would have been an different one. This European FIFA, I do not know why countries still adhere to it. I mean the unfairness at FIFA is just too mutch. Look! instead of trying to improve and correct what was wrong. They are trying to hide it. That means intent. The goal refusal was not a mistake!

  3. Joshua Brown says

    They just don't want an African team to win..And imagine if African players didn't sell out to countries like France and England. Imagine..

  4. Franck Yeo says

    Les enfantsn'ont pas demerités jouerons le match de classement….Je suis fièr de vous…

  5. Sihle FT. Them says

    This is what the crackers wanted To eliminate African nations

  6. Саша Колотов says

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  7. Juan Garnica says

    A los españoles los llevaron al registro a los dos años de edad.

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