Man speaks out on fight to keep ’emotional support squirrel’

Ryan Boylan sits down with ‘Watters’ World’ to talk about the eviction battle he is dealing with.

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  1. TeleTube says

    This guy is nuttier than putting peanut butter on your lips and talking to squirrels. I'll be back in Jif, Skippy. I need to talk to Peter Pan.

  2. Julie King says

    My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from anxiety/depression. I've battled it over 20 years.

  3. Heather Foltz says

    Fox News your information is wrong. ESA's are covered under FHA not ADA. Any animal can be an ESA. One thing you said is you see them in malls, ESA's DO NOT have public access. You can only take them into non pet housing and have them fly with you. Please make sure that the information is right before you put it on air. It is hard enough on service dog handlers anyway, then to have the news giving out wrong information makes it even harder. Please make sure what you are saying it correct Thank you a service dog handler.

  4. XBDOT7 says

    This is not as nutty as it may seem. What next! Booting somebody for a pet turtle!?

  5. antlerman says

    in Canada the government gives you an emotional support moose but it's up to you to house train it. hahahaha

  6. Julian Keippel says

    Landlord is specist! Be nice stop it man! Life short let the dude have a squirrel!

  7. digiprez77 says

    I raised two red squirrels that were orphaned… One day they made it clear that they wanted to live outside, so I set them free. One of them still lives in my back yard with her family, she is no longer tame, but she isn't afraid of me either.

  8. Sandi Garrison says

    I had a pet squirrel I rescued as a baby,she was an awesome pet,anyone who met her loved her,she was 7 when she died.

  9. GamerGirl 1 says

    first i want to say that i dont think its a big deal that he has a squirrel as a pet, but i've read a few comments saying that the animal is not wild anymore because he practically raised her from birth.

    People dont seem to realize that raising it from birth doesnt "declassify" them as a wild animal.

    can a wild animal be a pet? sure, but the species itself is not domesticated. Just like a tranny who chops of his penis to be a girl, it doesnt change the fact that it's a boy

  10. Matt Jackson says

    I had a squirrel for 7 years six months.Woody was my boy.He died of lymphoma Cancer.Squirrels make great pets as long as you love on them every day.Btw,they pick who gets to love them and who gets bit.

  11. cloudboy51 says

    I have an emotional support beaver that lives between my wife's legs. It likes to eat trouser sausage.

  12. Bell Curve says

    So how much does this weak assed beta male cost the hard working taxpayers to keep him and his squirrel fat and happy?

  13. Mary Anne Brown says

    Why can't this reporter let this man finish his sentence without constantly interrupting him! It was really getting on my nerves-that and the snarky time about having a pet squirrel. He did not actively go out and look for a pet squirrel-it was a rescue situation!

  14. dilberton99 says

    Most landlords do not care if you have a crocodile as a home pets just to pay rent on time!:)

  15. Shandra Ellis says

    Jesse, fuck you, this man saved this squirrel, she's not wild, he raised her and now they have a connection. I completely understand where this guy is coming from. Although the animals I saved were cats, animals help people, it doesn't have to be a specific species ffs. Someone could have an emotional support iguana. Pets help soothe anxiety and depression. Anyone who makes fun of this is a dick, it's very real.

  16. Washing Done says

    The government is afraid of squirrel uprisings, it can happen. An emotional support tiger, does anyone have one of them? The 1980's had apes and chimps for everyone, but now? They're about as popular as astronauts.

  17. Dylan Walsh says

    It's for Emotional support he it stays in the house like a cat never leaves ? HMMM PET

  18. User 812 says

    Watter’s didn’t hear .. the guy said he rescued her as a newborn.. fed her with a syringe. So of course she’s not wild.

  19. betterdays when says

    If he's cleaning up after that rodent leave the man alone. If his discs are screwed up he isn't lying that kind of pain can make you insane & this guy isn't moving far or to much & he will be alone because all your friends seem to disappear when you have something like this happen.

  20. Nairod says

    Obviously they haven't seen Rick and Morty.

  21. yes sir says

    This dude looks like he would own a squirrel

  22. Sue Sally says

    Leave that man and his squirrel alone. if the squirrel is not destroy the apartment then what is the problem !

  23. Snuggles2017 says

    I saved a baby squirrels life too, finding they make a great pet and companion.

  24. Tracy Yost says

    they say the squirel is in top ten for intelligence.

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