Little Nightmares' second DLC chapter is out now, taking you deep into The Hideaway

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Little Nightmares was a chilling little little bit of brilliance, and one of many extra ignored titles of early 2017. While comparisons to Limbo are onerous to get away with, Little Nightmares distinguished itself with its concurrently unreal and horrifically solid-feeling world of twisted, warped, hungry giants.

The solely actual criticism to be levelled on the recreation was its relative brevity, one thing that the season go has been making an attempt to rectify considerably. While the primary DLC – the depths – felt like a bite-sized morsel of recent content material, the newly launched second chapter – The Hideaway – is perhaps simply what you’re searching for.

Stealth in Little Nightmares tends to be of the panicked, dashing-for-cover selection. Maybe your sneaking expertise might be improved elsewhere?

The second DLC chapter of Little Nightmares, The Hideaway, places you within the sneakers (effectively, naked toes, nevermind) of The Runaway Kid, a secondary protagonist working his method by the horrible world of The Maw, always evading the grabbing, hundry arms of the Guests. This time, the story is considerably extra centered on the skittish and mysterious Nomes and the elements of the complicated that they inhabit.

The Nomes do appear to be a part of the ecosystem (if you can name it that) reasonably than simply stowaway creatures. They ferry coal into nice steam furnaces, and this chapter guarantees that they guard a secret that may simply be of use. Now, how all of this ties into the chilling ending of the primary recreation? Well, I feel we would simply have to attend for the third (and probably remaining) DLC, due someday in January.

Little Nightmares: The Hideaway is out there now on Steam, GOG, Humble and extra by itself, or as a part of the Secrets Of The New season go.

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