Liberals creating ‘tent cities’

The homelessness inhabitants is exploding in main cities, because of liberal insurance policies.

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  1. R&R R&R says

    Those big cities cater only to the rich like affordable housing isn't possible.

  2. Lou G says

    This is very appropriate as liberals as a whole produce very little so it's fitting they should live in tents on the sidewalk. Not like quality people that live in nice houses.

  3. Janellelle says

    Seattle area has gotten really bad this past couple years. All the "tech" people moving in, extreme rise in cost of rent.

  4. TheCladi8or says


  5. Rhonda Wasson says

    The cost of living is way too high and is expected to keep rising. When is enough enough? How can the cost of everything continue to increase and become out of reach for so many? Rent prices are insane! Food prices are insane! Food and shelter should be affordable for everyone! It's politics and greed (redundant) are wrecking life. HELL THE FUCK O!

  6. claate says

    Nice try blaming all this on the liberals. Where's that big "infrastructure" plan to help create jobs? And how are local municipalities supposed to pump money into helping the homeless when Congress is cutting state funding for Medicaid? I'm a rich elitist from a rich state just sitting back and waiting for my big GOP tax break, and then maybe I'll hire all those working class Trump chumps to remodel my kitchen. There's your trickle down.

  7. All4Him says

    This is THE ugly dark secret of America. Homelessness is not only a large city problem it's an all of America problem. The fact is 95% of hourly workers especially those over 50 are being pushed off a cliff. Babyboomers who spent their lives building America in blue collar industry jobs are being driven into the streets by housing cost that are crazy ridiculous coupled with lowest wages ever for hourly workers and jobs they normally could depend on have been taken overseas by companies that care more about their bottom line than their country. Boomers most of which have no retirement and can no longer work 50-60 hr work weeks are being shoved into the cracks of the liberal sidewalks. The suicide rate in this country is one of the great cover-ups of all time. What the government is now doing to homeless people is the next great cover- up.

  8. Leonard Wong says

    Take back your cities. I suspect foreign cash is behind those politicians who craft such policies. Each time they undermine you, they get paid.

  9. XBDOT7 says

    The Democrats, and those few republicans need to get on board with President Trump!

  10. why not me says

    Most of this is from immigrants. Yea-let's bring more over here where it will be worse.

  11. Concerned Citizen says

    That's happening everywhere in the U.S. It isn't unique to big cities; there are just more people in big cities.

  12. Barrack Obozo says

    Demonrats are so Fake and evil. Save America, dont vote a Democrat

  13. silver rhodes says

    We need a rent price freeze this is all brought about by jacking up values of properties to get more tax money more bureaucracy

  14. BobbyG says

    The only good Democrat is a…

  15. Repairer of the Breach says

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  16. Jack Smith says

    Aw no this can't end badly at all. Just ask a damn liberal.

  17. Curt Brennan says

    This is EXACTLY what happens when you have LIBTARDS running things………total chaos and NEGLECT!!!!

  18. G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE says

    Idiots you’re city is being taken over by mental health homeless people and rapist Muslims and we give them tents and better rights than actual taxpaying citizens. WTF. Liberals are destroying America one day at time. Thank God no Liberal democrat idiots are president today. We need trump to fix and clean our city from Islam and liberals before they destroy this country all together. God bless America and God bless President Donald Trump ✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  19. Brother Rob says

    The Rich can afford not to do anything and the poor can't afford to do anything.

  20. Enumclaw says

    I'm born and raised in Seattle. There are homeless tents on every street in the downtown area. There is piss running down the streets. The 15$ minimum wage has been a disaster. I used to be proud of being from Seattle. Not anymore.

  21. docbar says

    Democrats stinking up our country.

  22. A Doozer says

    Liberal policies are a failure. Enjoy you libtards.

  23. leon singleton says

    The democrats taxed and regulated American jobs to China and Mexico.

  24. craxd1 says

    The left's ideology is two-fold. One, they wish to destroy the bourgeois middle-class, and two, destroy the ownership of private property, so that only the elite aristocracy can own it, while bringing back feudalism. Wait a mo', I've heard someone state that before, from the mid-1800s, in England. It was a Jewish atheist, with a big bushy beard and hair, though he was balding at the front, and he blamed Judaism and Christianity for all the worlds ills.

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