Kingdom Come: Deliverance shows off its 'reasonable' combat in a new trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a first-person RPG that embraces a “realistic” portrayal of the medieval world: No magic, no dragons, no dungeons full of gold. Instead, there are grown males who throw poop for enjoyable, and brutal combat with weaponry that might break a Volkswagen in half. 

Combat in the sport is physics-based, with greater than 30 goal zones on every character and as much as 4 layers of armor. Players can assault with slashes, stabs, or kicks towards an opponent’s head and left or proper higher and decrease physique. Armor is tough to pierce, a level the studio lined in a video final yr, so hammering on a single level is a good technique, however one which enemies can rapidly be taught to counter, as nicely. 

“Combos” are supposed to simulate particular “situational” combat strikes that work throughout the inherent limitations of videogames in issues like controls and subject of view. They work in mainly the identical manner as standard preventing video games, enabling gamers to weaken enemies by stringing collectively strikes, after which end them off with a particular assault. Preparation can also be an necessary issue, as a result of stamina is important once you’re swinging a heavy weapon whereas sporting a full go well with of armor. 

“Stamina … is lowered by low health, bleeding, or when your character is tired or hungry,” inventive director Daniel Vavra says in the video. “So you better prepare—eat and sleep well before you get into a fight. And I’m not joking.” 

Unarmed combat can also be an choice, “because sometimes you don’t want to hurt someone… too much,” lead designer Viktor Bocam explains. There are additionally particular methods that characters can be taught known as “massive strikes” that can allow them to push again or kill their foes in a short time. 

“All these techniques—parrying, massive strikes, or combo strikes—are based on real historical martial arts,” lead designer Viktor Bocan says. “We worked with experts to make fighting in Kingdom Come as real as possible. And it’s a lot of fun.” 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is scheduled for launch on February 13, 2018. We took a nearer take a look at what it is all about final yr. 

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