KIDS Who Served Crazy PRISON Sentences

Top 10 KIDS Who Served Crazy PRISON Sentences
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the highest 10 KIDS Who Served Crazy PRISON Sentences!

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  1. Top 10s says

    Thanks for watching! Hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and tell me what you want to see next! 🙂

  2. Dilly Bars says

    Done, Subscribed and liked and notification bell!

  3. Nicolas Vanes says

    that red arrow in your thumbnails look like hardcore 10000% clickbait please stop doing the arrow thumbnail

  4. Ferrara KidsClub says

    I don't give a SHIT that that fat ginger bitch boy was bullied in his childhood that fat bitch boy deserves to be stoned to death! He killed an innocent 4 year old boy. I HATE THAT PEICE OF CRAP!

  5. salted eggs mmm says

    The armed robbery kid shouldn't have gotten more than 20-25 years

  6. Alex Rosas says

    What about George Stinney who was sentenced to death at 14

  7. Crazy Pisces 1992 says

    If You Murder, Or Abuse An Innocent Person You Deserve To Get Life In Prison Without The Possibility Of Parole Or The Death Penalty NO MATTER WHAT YOUR STORY IS, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PAST IS, & NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE.

  8. Just Dev says

    Why most of those criminals have mushroom haircuts lol

  9. Cindy Noble says

    They should all of gotten the death penalty 💀

  10. Aaliyah Coxy says

    Alex king handsome but really nasty you will kill your father to be with a grown man that's just masts up

  11. Vicky Newton says

    No society should have people walking around free that has murdered someone. Taking someones life effects other people as well, not to mention people that may have been born if this person was allowed to live. All of our lives have often been changed because of the action of one person, whether it is an invention, action, or one of many other things a person can do that effect peoples lives. The murder of just one person has very profound unknown consequences to all of us. The man that was given 4 life sentences should have been released a long time ago. That is totally absurd to continue holding a man that didn't do anything to deserve that sentence.

  12. Samiya Ibrahim says

    all of these kids was forced or convienced or snaped todo this

  13. Umad_bro 15 says

    If every one in this list is serving life then just make the title kids serving life for crazy murders

  14. Papa Floka says

    I watched a vid on Kenneth Young and that man is a very humble nice caring man who got completely shoved into the ground for so thin he did as a child and it was only robbery he didn't even kill anyone.

  15. E-Dog777 !!! says

    Kenneth, he didn't want to get harmed, he should be let go.

  16. Gilbert Sanchez says

    Who are serving. Most of these are still serving their time. Smh. Thats one reason i wont subscribe. Facts are wrong.

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