Justin Trudeau Welcomed As Rock Star in Saint-Tite 2017

Justin Trudeau Welcomed As Rock Star in Saint-Tite – Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was the most popular cowboy in Saint-Tite.

(Saint-Tite) The most popular cowboy at the Saint-Tite Western Festival on Friday was undoubtedly Justin Trudeau. The Prime Minister of Canada tightened tons of hands and took several photos with the festival-goers. While a debate on the welfare of rodeo animals rages in Quebec, Justin Trudeau said that the majority of the population knows that the animals are well treated.

The festival-goers rushed to the Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau was accompanied by François-Philippe Champagne, the member for Saint-Maurice-Champlain and Minister for International Trade.

Prime Minister of Canada said it’s a pleasure to be here for the 50th anniversary of the Western Festival. Every time I come here, I’m happy to celebrate western culture and see people have fun.”

Despite the significant security, the Prime Minister was not nervous to take a crowd in such a popular event. “Three times I’ve been here for five or six years and it’s always nice. We meet people from all over Quebec. And the vast majority, if not all, are happy to see their representatives here. If there are some who are less happy, and usually they do not come to see me, “added Trudeau. “It’s important for everyone who wants to serve people to listen to them and meet them. It is more difficult as Prime Minister, but it is important. ”

While several festival-goers were very happy to shake hands with the Prime Minister, some preferred to go their own way by saying it aloud. Liberal government policies such as the legalization of marijuana, or the management of the migrant crisis at the Canadian border, do not seem to pass with some voters.

Asked about the current debate surrounding the welfare of rodeo animals, the Prime Minister of Canada stated that these animals are well treated. “It has to be done the right way. I understand that some people have concerns, but I think the vast majority of people understand that it’s done with respect and care for animal health and safety, “says Trudeau.

Aware that the Animal Welfare and Safety Act falls under provincial jurisdiction, the director general of the Saint-Tite Western Festival believes that the support of the Prime Minister is important. “Of course it will never hurt a Prime Minister to take a stand for us,” he said.

Remember that representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food are present in Saint-Tite this weekend to evaluate the practices surrounding animal welfare during the rodeos. Opponents of the rodeos are also on the spot. The opponents and the Western Festival had reached an agreement to give free access to the site. This follows the injunction demanded by a group of opponents wanting to ban the urban rodeo of Montreal held a few weeks ago.

The organizers also invited the media Saturday morning to explain the practices surrounding the rodeos.

A Gun Start:

Already on Friday noon, the streets of Saint-Tite were crowded festival-goers.

The campgrounds were already busy and the shops were running at full speed.

The 50th edition is very popular and Saint-Tite is in the process of welcoming more than 600,000 visitors. “I’m already hot,” laughs Pascal Lafrenière, director general of the Western Festival. “To live this is always special. To see so many people in the streets, it makes me put the hair on the arms. It is a popular gathering feast. Festival-goers are both actors and spectators by wearing cowboy hats and boots. The world is embarking on the event and this year everyone has made an appointment. ”

Signs that festival-goers promise to be more than usual, ticket sales go very well. “Ticket sales are ahead of schedule as they have never been,” adds Lafrenière.

The grand parade remains the major event of the first weekend of the festival. However, several shows should attract attention, such as that of Robby Jonhson presented Friday night. On Saturday, Cirque Éloize offers two performances of the Saloon show, a horse in the heart of the far west, while the Open Country of Mountain Daisy will bring together artists such as Sylvain Cossette, Michel Pagliaro, Vincent Vallières, Kevin Parent, Luce Dufault -Eve Janvier, Jean-François Breau, and Yoan.

Canada Cup rodeos are also presented throughout the weekend at the grand stages.

In closing, former boxer Patrice L’Heureux and his spouse Marie-Claude Laframboise will be united in the marriage of the 50th edition of the Western Festival. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 3 pm at the church on Saturday.

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