Justin Trudeau talks NAFTA, Colton Boushie at L.A. news conference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about NAFTA, the acquittal within the loss of life of Colton Boushie at a news conference with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. The two talked in regards to the significance of the connection between California and Canada earlier than answering questions.
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  1. Augie Doggie says

    Trudeau will allow anyone into Canada,even those hostile to the USA.He places Canadians at risk when he allows those returning isis fighters to return to Canada with no sanction.Listen to him talk at length without saying anything.

  2. brian p says

    Trudeau is full of it , he does nothing but help his rich friends in ottawa.

  3. Jayden Banks says

    How dumb are we now for electing trump doesn't seem very from this side of the fence

  4. Homer Simpson says

    America needs to invade Canada and hang Justin Trudeau Saddam Hussein style.

  5. Debra Smith says

    To the total NUMPTIES who object to the Prime Minister of a BILINGUAL nation answering a question in FRENCH that he was ASKED in FRENCH- grow a set and grow up.

  6. Jayden Banks says

    As an American he will never gain traction here. And Canada the deal was over the moment you elected him. Good luck and I hope good looks gets you were you gotta go. Again good luck your gonna need it with this guy

  7. The Sword says

    Thank you PM Trudeau for confirming that the Kinder Morgan Pipeline WILL be built

  8. greg greenfield says

    You mean you have to do better Trudeau>you sold out Canada to which makes you a traitor>all most all Canadians do not support him fact>

  9. S0DAHEAD says

    I would much rather continue being a Soda-Head than being a DlCK-HEAD !

  10. MikeFromCanmore says

    Where's all my free government weed and when is it all gonna be delivered to me ?

  11. Grant Johnston Johnston says

    Conservative thought process is regressive and incompetent towards humanity. The amygdala region of the brain, is the area that processes thoughts of fear and aggression, fight or flight. Conservatives have more activity in this area. The anterior cingulate cortex region, is what separates us from the animals. Conservatives have less activity in this area, liberals have more activity. So how else do you explain the huge difference between right and left. And there absolutely is a huge difference.
    Talents and abilities is key.
    Conservative brain V,S liberal brain.

  12. Roland H says

    He looks like he has about 12 inch arms, ha ha ha ha …

  13. Foxhound says

    It’s scary this person represents us.

  14. Randy Simmons says

    Cant stand the sight of this guy…or to hear his voice!…. puke!!

  15. C Frisch says

    Congratulations for building bridges.

  16. rossriver75 says

    "I'm not going to comment". And then he goes ahead and comments.
    I don't have an opinion on the verdict in that trial, but Trudeau very clearly does and answered in a way that said clearly that Canadians cannot trust the Justice system. He should not be doing that. That's very irresponsible ( or worse). I'm not saying I trust the Justice system either, but I'm not the country leader, like Trudeau is and Obama was.

  17. don hezca says

    French English and Spanish this guys really got the languages!

  18. MIran L says

    The PM reaches out and opens up discussions for common ground. I support doing those.

  19. Randy H says

    Cue conservatives:
    “This is America. Learn to speak American!”

  20. Josh Stevens says

    Is this another vacation on the taxpayer's dime? The economy lost 88,000 jobs in January and feminist Soy Boy is hiking in California.

  21. S G says

    Dude ur in LA speak damn english. This whole bilingual thing is taken too far sometimes. As a listener u end up losing complete interest in what he's saying just to please one damn province.

  22. Ari Lin says

    Trudeau doesn't speak on behalf of regular Canadians, only the Muslim refugees and economic migrants, and the leftist elitist snobs, he's lost touch with the regular working folk.

  23. Ben Petrie says

    CUCKANADA,ive never been more embarrassed and ashamed,this is gross.

  24. mr1fed says

    CBC and Justin Trudeau, both a national disgrace.

  25. Lurvy1963 says

    Plus this dimwitted prime minister of our makes a deal with greedy corporation business people from Silicone Valley while down in LA. Thanks so much for caring about the wealthy elite over average people who don't make as much money to earn a living of their own Justin. JACKASS!! Just like Steven Harper before, he's another pawn for the big banks, corporations, lobby groups and the powers that be that have control over everything, including the mainstream media. When will Canada and America have political parties that represent the people and not the ultra rich? Time for a revolution against The Illuminati. Why not? They make all that money so they can start wars and install their counterfeit banking system into other countries who don't want them. Not to mention, give workers piss poor excuses for hourly wages.

  26. Mike Lidstone says

    Oops, sorry Justin…immigration is a source of lower wages and skyrocketing housing costs…and higher taxes to pay for Syrian refugees…only 17% have jobs. They should visit the diverse multi-block homeless tent cities that cover Los Angeles. Or the formerly diverse formerly Black neighborhoods in LA that have been taken over by illegal immigrants.

  27. P Cmo says

    Go away from these comments. Another Rebel Media brigade

  28. lillallelillalle says

    Trudeau, Do something so justice is served for Colten Boushie!!! ✊️✊️✊️

  29. Revic .44 says

    Too bad you rubber stamped the 14 billion $ arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Their human rights abuses stink.

  30. mynameisradman says

    I keep praying that a stray bullet will find it's mark between Trudeau's eyes. It's the only reason I watch.

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